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Dallas Innovates Spotlights 7T in Article on DFW Digital Transformation

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7T President Shane Long recently chatted with Dallas Innovates Senior Editor Alex Edwards, exploring the traits that set 7T apart from all others as we strive to help clients achieve their goals with digital transformation solutions such as mobile app development and enterprise software development.

Dallas Innovates is now featuring 7T in an article titled, “7T: Here’s Why Big-Name Companies Use This Dallas Firm to Lead Their Digital Transformation.” The piece explores the Dallas custom software development company’s rise as a mobile app development company into a firm that now provides more comprehensive development solutions for companies in a wide variety of business sectors such as retail and e-commerce, healthcare, finance, manufacturing and industry, insurance, and even multi-level marketing (MLM).

And while many companies found themselves struggling to adapt when the COVID-19 pandemic struck one year ago, 7T found itself well-positioned to continue with business as usual. Long explained, “We didn’t really miss a beat when it came to the pandemic…We moved out, we had VPNs, all our cloud stuff was there. And our customers—especially SiriusXM, our largest client—said of all the vendors they had, we kept delivering. Everything came in on time. That was a big point of pride for me. We had the right systems in place.”

The article also delves into the very core of digital transformation solutions, which are 7T’s specialty. While many may be familiar with the phrase as a sort of buzz word, 7T ascribes a very specific definition to the phrase: innovative technology that brings 10x ROI or greater. And it’s this approach that has allowed 7T to emerge as a best Dallas custom software development company, as Long explained: “It’s really essential that the client can clearly articulate why they’re seeking new technology and this project needs a clear tie to solid returns in the future. So we’ll sit down with a prospective client to perform a deep dive. We really need to understand their business, their challenges, their plans for the future. Then, we spend a lot of time ‘on the ground” getting to understand their operations. This insight allows us to develop a solution that will solve problems and generate a healthy ROI in the span of 12 to 18 months.”

With its roots in mobile development, SevenTablets recently rebranded to its current name — 7T — in an effort to more accurately represent an emphasis on complete digital transformation, whether it’s developing a consumer-facing mobile app, an enterprise mobile app, Snowflake cloud data solutions, a custom ERP or CRM platform, or another enterprise software solution.

Click here to learn more about 7T’s approach to Digital Transformation in this new article on Dallas Innovates.


Founded in 2012 by entrepreneur Kishore Khandavalli, 7T works with Fortune 500 companies, as well as startups seeking to work with innovative, emerging technologies in a variety of industries. In fact, we just recently launched the Foundation Program to help startups who are uncertain of precisely how and where to begin the development process. 7T uses a business-first approach to create cutting-edge business solutions that streamline operational efficiencies and accelerate revenue. For more information, visit 7T.co.


7T - SevenTablets, Inc.

7T is a Dallas-based digital transformation and technology consulting company, specializing in custom software, mobile app development and cloud services. Their innovative solutions empower high-growth startups to accelerate revenue and equip Fortune 500s with the tools they need to streamline operations and achieve untethered scalability. With a unique Business-First approach, they partner with clients to challenge assumptions and deliver technology solutions with a 5-10x ROI. 7T's highly innovative team has launched over 100 successful projects by becoming ingrained within the client’s operations and company culture.


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