How Digital Transformation Improves the Customer Experience

How Digital Transformation Improves the Customer Experience

Customer experience has a dramatic impact on a company’s profitability and public image, especially in the most competitive industries and business niches. A positive experience can transform a new, one-time customer into a “regular,” while also generating positive buzz that can drive business forward. Conversely, a negative customer experience can be disastrous, with bad online…

7T's 7 Startups to Watch

7T’s 7 Startups to Watch – Innovative Startups in Dallas and Beyond for Summer 2022

7T loves innovative startups and we’re always looking for new ways to spread the word about these up-and-coming companies, especially those that are based here in Dallas! Here is 7T’s 7 to Watch summer 2022 edition, with a glimpse behind the curtain at a few fabulous startups that are disrupting their respective industries with a fresh, innovative approach to business.

Choosing the Right Software Solution for Your Business

Choosing a Software Solution That is Right for Your Business

A data lake can prove to be an essential component of your company’s data management strategy. As a secure, well-organized data storage repository, data lakes will collect and store your company’s information for years to come. But many business leaders are unfamiliar with the data lake creation steps and process, which makes them uncertain of what to expect.

Does My Business Need Custom Software Development

Does My Business Need Custom Software Development?

As companies outgrow office space, expand teams, and offer more services to their customers, the ready-made software solutions that power business operations tend to become a hindrance to growth. That one-size-fits-all CRM no longer tracks all the details your sales team needs, the payroll software contains far too many manual processes, and the analytics tool…