Elevating UX for Dynamic, Next Level Engagements What is Extended Reality (XR?)

What is Extended Reality (XR) - How XR is Being Used and Its Impact on the Digital World

Extended reality or XR is rapidly gaining popularity, but what is XR and how are companies using this innovative technology? XR blends virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) with 3D elements to generate a digital “twin” of an object or environment. Whether it’s a garment, a piece of furniture, a vacation destination or an immersive environment, XR brings it to life in a way that’s highly realistic and engaging.

How is XR Being Used?

Companies in all industries are leveraging extended reality, from custom garments and interactive historical landscapes, to immersive real estate tours, engaging medical anatomical renderings and beyond. The possibilities for how to use XR technology are only limited by one’s imagination.

XR Implementations Will Transform the Way You Do Business The Extended Reality Impact

Rebel Athletic Microstore Extended Reality (XR) Development Services

An Extended Reality Case Study and Use Case XR Case Study: Rebel Athletic Microstore

Rebel Athletic Microstore Extended Reality (XR) Development Services

Rebel Athletic’s shoppers get an accurate idea of a garment’s fit thanks to the innovative extended reality garment modeling feature. The alternative — laying a garment flat and snapping a few photographs — simply fails to provide online shoppers with an accurate idea of how that garment will look and fit in person. This can lead to a higher than necessary return rate and a negative customer experience. Rebel Athletic’s microstores deliver a much richer and immersive experience thanks to the XR-powered garment modeling feature.

Discover the Power of 7T's Customized Extended Reality Implementations and XR Deployments

At 7T, we’re more than just another XR development company. We’re your strategic partner in harnessing the power of extended reality as you strive to engage users with an innovative and immersive digital experience.

Our unique approach begins with a comprehensive evaluation of your business operations, challenges, and opportunities. Once we have a deep understanding of your company strategy and objectives, we will be well-positioned to develop custom XR solutions that drive ROI.

Think of 7T as more than just a vendor; we’re your strategic partner as you embark upon a Digital Transformation journey with XR. Your input shapes the development process, ensuring that your XR solution aligns perfectly with your organization’s vision and operations.

7T's Extended Reality Expertise

By leveraging these areas of expertise, 7T delivers truly transformative extended reality solutions to clients in a variety of different industries.

Multimodal Machine Learning Expertise


Advanced Algorithm Design


Cross-Platform Development


Computer Vision Proficiency


Data Management & Processing


Large Language Model (LLM)


Natural Language Processing (NLP)


ML Ops & Auto-retrain Systems


Data Labelling


Dynamic Learning Models


Ethics & Responsible XR


Active Learning

Extended Reality Use Cases XR Case Studies

7T’s clients span the gamut, from large enterprises, to SMBs and startups. Our Client Successes include XR case studies for a variety of industries and business spaces.

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