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At 7T, we solve hard problems and generate a healthy ROI for our clients with our innovative custom mobile app solutions.

Our enterprise mobile apps are typically engineered to solve problems and improve efficiency within a company’s operations, while consumer-facing mobile applications destined for the app stores are designed to engage in a way that no other technology can achieve.

We offer much more than your typical custom mobile app development company. In fact, the team at 7T goes the extra mile, getting to know your one-of-a-kind business before we create a customized mobile application or enterprise app solution to suit your unique needs. Our leadership will even visit your organization on-site to get a firm understanding of how you operate and how various pain points are impacting your business at a micro and macro level. Then, we set out to architect a mobile app solution that delivers by improving productivity, efficiency and ROI. That’s our formula for success.

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mobile app development with unmatched ROI

Mobile development is a foundational pillar of 7T’s business. In fact, we have our roots in mobile app development right down to our company name origin: SevenTablets.

Our talented developers work relentlessly to architect user-friendly mobile application platforms that function in an engaging, dynamic manner. With a streamlined UI/UX and the most innovative emerging technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, 7T’s mobile applications bring an exceptional user experience and significant ROI.


7T takes a business-first approach to mobile development by creating a comprehensive mobile strategy that helps your business achieve greater efficiency and an astonishing ROI.


Our developers are experts in mobile security. Every 7T app is equipped with military-grade encryption and additional security features, such as geofencing and remote wipe, among others.


Our UI/UX design experts will get to know your users and their habits, enabling us to craft an intuitive user interface (UI). It’s an essential step toward building a robust mobile app that delivers an engaging user experience (UX).


Mobile apps perform best when they’re hosted in the cloud. Therefore, we use the best-in-the-industry cloud hosting platforms to make sure that the mobile apps we develop work at an optimal level 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 


If we know one thing, it’s that continual improvement makes all the difference in your mobile application. We offer enhanced mobile analytics to help our clients understand how users interface with an app, as well as how they can be improved to increase ROI.


A mobile application must keep pace as operating systems are updated and mobile devices evolve. Without regular maintenance and app updates, you risk losing functionality and seeing a drop in performance. 7T’s dev team is here for mobile app maintenance.

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innovative mobile apps to drive your business forward

Digital Transformation projects involving mobile app development typically take two forms: an enterprise mobile app designed for use within your business or a consumer-facing B2C app that will generate revenue from purchases in the app stores or via in-app purchases.

Whatever the case, the 7T team will work hand-in-hand with you, our client, to understand your needs, your objectives and the needs of the intended app users (amongst other things.) This is achieved through the creation of a comprehensive requirements document.

The mobile app requirements document will guide your mobile development project from start to finish. Some Digital Transformation projects are a single phase, while others may be developed using a multi-phased approach over a longer timespan.

We take a very collaborative approach to mobile app development, engaging the client from the very beginning with regular check-in meetings for updates and to manage expectations, along with on-site visits to gain insights that are leveraged as we develop custom mobile app solutions.

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Are you ready to harness the power of a custom consumer-facing B2C mobile app destined for the app stores?

Are you in need of an enterprise mobile application to elevate your company’s operations to the next level and generate a strong ROI?

7T’s expert app developers will integrate the latest technologies into your mobile platform, including Augmented Reality (AR), Machine Learning and the best mobile security measures available. Get started today by contacting 7T by email (alternatively, see the form below) or call 214-299-5100.

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7T (also known as SevenTablets) is a Dallas Digital Transformation company, specializing in the development of cutting-edge business solutions. Our areas of expertise include multimodal machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI) development, enterprise software development, mobile app development, web app platforms, process automation and cloud solutions, amongst others. We go beyond the role of a typical third-party service provider, taking on the role of a true business partner. 7T takes a "business first" approach to Digital Transformation, with business strategy guiding the development process. ROI is our currency as we solve hard problems with innovative Digital Transformations like machine learning-driven AI development solutions that propel clients to the next level.

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