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Process automation. Workflow automation. Business process automation. Robotic process automation.

These forms of Digital Transformation hold the power to transform your company’s operations and workflows, boosting productivity, increasing efficiency and freeing your most valuable human resources to focus on high-level tasks that simply cannot be performed by modern technology.

Workflow and process automation development projects typically bring a significant ROI with productivity- and efficiency-boosting qualities that are difficult to achieve with any other technology. These are Digital Transformations that can be truly transformative for your company, automating complex processes and workflows with stunning precision and accuracy.

7T’s Digital Transformation experts will examine your needs for business process automation and workflow automation. Our team will also address your organization’s most pressing pain points and challenges. Reach out to us to learn how creating a solid requirements document will guide your process automation development project to realize maximum project impact and ROI.

process automation to supercharge efficiency

A well-architected custom software platform can be truly transformative for a business, whether it’s an enterprise software system that is destined to run your company with exceptional efficiency or an engaging B2C consumer-facing software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution.

Sometimes called Robotic Process Automation or RPA, workflow and process automation software is used to perform a variety of tasks, from relatively simple to stunningly complex. In some cases, the workflow or process automation involves only a computer processor, while in other cases (namely, those involving process automation), machinery and equipment is leveraged as well. If you’d like to discuss your Digital Transformation project involving process automation, contact 7T by email or call 214-299-5100.


Workflow automation focuses on computer-based processes that are automated with custom software. Examples of workflow automation include lead organization, invoice generation or task creation within a CRM or ERP platform. Whatever the workflow, 7T can develop a custom workflow automation software program to get the job done with exceptional efficiency. 


Process automation is broader than workflow automation. The process automation software may perform a series of repeatable steps between multiple software platforms, databases or other interfaces. More sophisticated automations can involve machinery, equipment and just about anything else with a digital interface. It’s a powerful form of Digital Transformation to be certain.


Many third-party platforms have APIs that are leveraged for process automation and other Digital Transformation projects. These application programming interfaces are ideal for a variety of applications, making for a reliable, efficient workflow or process automation. 


If an API connection isn’t available, robotic process automation (RPA) technology can be leveraged to establish a workflow or process automation. This approach is typically used for older technology that isn’t suitable for a digital process automation solution.

scaling with

Intelligent process automation allows companies to scale their operations with exceptional efficiency, accuracy and precision. And with the technology to perform tasks in a way that is highly efficient and streamlined, human resources will be freed to focus on higher-level tasks, leading to a strong ROI.

analytics &

Integrate analytics capabilities into your enterprise software platform for unparalleled insights, with the information you need to make data-driven decisions. 7T can also integrate data visualization tools and reporting capabilities to help you make the most of your data. 

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intelligent process automation with exceptional ROI

Intelligent process automation, workflow automation, robotic process automation (RPA) and other Digital Transformation projects involving automation hold the power to empower companies by bringing significant ROI thanks to increased efficiency, scalability and precision.

As part of 7T’s process automation development services, we work with the client to identify opportunities for automating inefficient processes and workflows within your organization. We also strive to understand pain points that can be addressed using Digital Transformation solutions, whether it’s automation or another technology.

We pair workflow and automation with today’s top technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to increase overall efficiency and ROI for our clients. This is achieved by streamlining processes, eliminating human error from the equation and integrating analytics and data visualization tools that empower the client to gain essential insights into areas where their processes can be further improved or modified.

If you’re ready to begin a Digital Transformation-as-a-service project such as process or workflow automation, we invite you to begin the process today with a consultation. Get started today by contacting 7T by email (alternatively, see the form below) or call 214-299-5100.

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7T (also known as SevenTablets) is a Dallas Digital Transformation company, specializing in the development of cutting-edge business solutions. Our areas of expertise include multimodal machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI) development, enterprise software development, mobile app development, web app platforms, process automation and cloud solutions, amongst others. We go beyond the role of a typical third-party service provider, taking on the role of a true business partner. 7T takes a "business first" approach to Digital Transformation, with business strategy guiding the development process. ROI is our currency as we solve hard problems with innovative Digital Transformations like machine learning-driven AI development solutions that propel clients to the next level.

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