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The construction industry and building contractors face some very unique challenges in terms of efficiency and productivity. Working with a diverse range of building contractors — from concrete contractors, to home builders and electricians, among others — brings many challenges in terms of communication, scheduling and deliveries, work orders, inspections, invoicing and beyond. Not only do you have many functionalities to consider, but you also have users with vastly differing comfort levels when it comes to the usage of a construction mobile app or software platform.

Construction company mobile apps and building contractors’ software platforms can deliver vastly improved efficiency and greater productivity in a highly-competitive industry. 7T specializes in user-friendly Digital Transformation projects that are perfect for the construction industry, with intuitive UI/UX and innovative functionalities such as enterprise software systems that can be integrated into an existing ERP platform, financial software and other back-office software systems.

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Custom Software Development Services by 7T Dallas Digital Transformation as a Service Developers

Work Orders &

A construction mobile app or software platform can include work order generation tools that make it simple to create and monitor work orders for the construction industry. We can also include features for scheduling and following up on building inspections, which are a critical aspect of the construction process.

Custom Software Development Services by 7T Dallas Digital Transformation as a Service Developers

Reports &
Job Metrics

An enterprise software platform for construction companies and companion contractors mobile app can be developed to collect essential data, which can then be leveraged to generate data visualizations, reports and job metrics that are perfect for streamlining operations for efficiency, while also increasing profitability and ROI.

Custom Software Development Services by 7T Dallas Digital Transformation as a Service Developers


7T’s Digital Transformation developers frequently include back-office and ERP integrations for construction companies and contractor clients who are seeking a custom enterprise software platform. This allows for more efficient management of invoicing, work orders, reports and much more, resulting in a significant boost in ROI.

Custom Software Development Services by 7T Dallas Digital Transformation as a Service Developers


Fleet management is a popular feature that drives ROI for our construction industry Digital Transformation projects. Vehicle and fleet management poses many challenges, but it’s a key component of the construction industry, especially for concrete contractors and others in the industry who require a vehicle as part of their service offering.

exceptional ROI from construction company innovation

The team at 7T has developed some very innovative Digital Transformation solutions to clients in the construction and building contractors’ space. We understand the unique challenges that these clients face — insight that we leverage throughout the course of a Digital Transformation project. Below you’ll find a few of the challenges that our construction mobile apps and building contractor mobile apps can address.

  • Scheduling deliveries of materials
  • Coordinating contractors and subcontractors
  • Inspection scheduling
  • Fleet maintenance
  • Tracking work order completions
  • Maintaining consistent job updates
  • Integration amongst ERP, back-office systems and admin portals

ROI is our currency at 7T and we achieve this by taking a collaborative approach with our clients, allowing their business strategy to guide each Digital Transformation project. 7T even goes the extra mile by dispatching our company leadership to observe a client’s operations, giving us an opportunity to identify challenges and pain points that can be addressed in the course of the Digital Transformation project. The end result is a custom enterprise software platform, mobile app, cloud solution or other digital solution that brings exceptional ROI.

a client success in the construction space

Vault Forms Up Mobile App for Cement Contractors

Vault Construction

7T recently created a custom concrete company software platform with back-end admin portal with ERP integration and a companion mobile app for Vault Construction. The company required a way to efficiently manage its daily operations, such as concrete deliveries, work orders, invoicing, vehicle maintenance and beyond. The end result was an innovative Digital Transformation project that has brought a great ROI to Vault Construction.

Vault Forms Up Mobile App for Cement Contractors

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7T (also known as SevenTablets) is a Dallas Digital Transformation company, specializing in AI, machine learning and the development of cutting-edge business solutions. Beyond multimodal machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) development, we also specialize in enterprise software development, mobile app development, web app platforms, process automation, cloud solutions and DevOps, amongst others. We go beyond the role of a typical third-party service provider, taking on the role of a true business partner. 7T takes a "business first" approach to Digital Transformation, with business strategy guiding the development process. ROI is our currency as we solve hard problems with innovative Digital Transformations like machine learning-driven AI development solutions that propel clients to the next level.

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