What is AWS? Amazon Web Services and How they Benefit Your Business - eBook

An Executive Overview of AWS – Amazon Web Services and Uses for Your Business [eBook]

We’ve all heard of buzzwords such as “AWS” and “Cloud Platform,” but many remain in the dark on Amazon AWS offerings and how these innovative solutions can dramatically transform a business and its operations for the better. So what is Amazon AWS and how do some of its key features work? That’s precisely what we’ll explore in this ebook, as we examine hosting, cloud computing and much more.

Lessons Learned from Failed Development Projects eBook

Lessons Learned from Failed Software Development Projects eBook

Delving into a large mobile app or software development project can be rather intimidating, but if you learn from those who’ve traveled that path before you, there’s a good chance you can avoid some of the most problematic and costly pitfalls. In fact, a portion of the enterprise clients that approach the Dallas software development team here at 7T come to us seeking a reputable and capable development company that can take over or redo a failed project.Hosting isn’t just for websites; you need to host your mobile app, web-based apps and web-based software interfaces. There are two basic options for hosting your mobile app: traditional hosting and cloud-based hosting. So which is best for your needs?

How to Create a Requirements Document for Your Next Software Development Project

How to Create a Requirements Document for Your Next Software Development Project [eBook]

A software requirements document — also known as an SRD — is a critical framework for your custom software development project. In fact, developing a SRD is essential for establishing your project groundwork and ensuring that you and your software development team share the same vision for your project. A detailed, well-written software requirements document can…

How Augmented Reality Apps Are Transforming Business [Whitepaper]

How Augmented Reality Apps Are Transforming Business

Today, augmented reality (AR) is becoming increasingly commonplace, as more companies leverage this technology. Augmented reality is a cousin of virtual reality (VR), but AR blends digital elements with real life, whereas virtual reality creates a completely digital world. Virtual and augmented reality are not new concepts, as game developers and creatives have been using…