How to Perform a Business Process Automation Assessment for a Process in Your Company

How to Perform a Business Process Automation Assessment for Your Company

Business process automation or BPA represents an increasingly popular form of Digital Transformation, with many companies using automation to improve efficiency, productivity and even employee morale.

That’s right! A company’s collective employee morale and productivity may reflect a marked improvement with a business process automation project. This occurs because you are removing humans from the equation and freeing them to focus on other higher-level tasks. Rote, repetitive tasks tend to be very damaging to morale, which in turn, has an adverse impact on productivity levels, overall performance and ultimately, employee retention.

Productivity and efficiency also jumps when your Digital Transformation project involves business process automation since a computer can be far faster and more efficient than a human.

But where do you begin with a business process automation assessment to determine if a specific process is right for BPA?
But what are the four types of digital transformation? The answer will vary, but all can offer good insight that will help guide your next high-tech project.

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The Importance of Good Software Development Project Management

Software and mobile app development is never a one-and-done type of project. Think of your mobile app or software as a dynamic, ever-changing digital entity that grows, evolves and improves over time.

But how do you know which mobile app features should be improved or which areas of a desktop software platform need an expansion? You can guess about what your users are doing or you can know what your users are doing with insights derived from product analytics. Often overlooked, software and mobile app analytics tools generate the user data that’s essential in the recipe for success.