How Does Enterprise Software Integration Work?

How Do Enterprise Software Integrations Work? – API Integration for ERP

Deploying a new enterprise software solution is no small feat. From the time you compile a requirements document for your new software platform to deployment day, it is not uncommon to spend months working on various aspects of development and user training.

Many will place their focus on software features and functionalities or various aspects of the implementation and deployment processes. But integration is one of the most important — and potentially, rather challenging — aspects of the software development process.

Superusers for Enterprise Software Rollouts

How Can a SuperUser Improve the Enterprise Software Rollout Process?

Enterprise software development is a complex and time-consuming process. But many fail to realize that the actual rollout and deployment of an enterprise software platform can be equally challenging. This is especially true for large enterprise resource planning (ERP) software systems that impact staff in multiple departments and divisions.

During the software deployment process, you want to avoid a situation where your staff feels as though they’ve had the digital rug pulled out from under them. Transitioning can be challenging since you’re typically migrating data and processes from one platform to another — and those two systems may bear little resemblance to each other in terms of the user interface. Plus, humans are naturally resistant to change, adding an element of reluctance that further complicates matters.

The Importance of Product Analytics for Software and Mobile App Development

The Importance of Product Analytics: Software and Mobile App Analytics Tools

Software and mobile app development is never a one-and-done type of project. Think of your mobile app or software as a dynamic, ever-changing digital entity that grows, evolves and improves over time.

But how do you know which mobile app features should be improved or which areas of a desktop software platform need an expansion? You can guess about what your users are doing or you can know what your users are doing with insights derived from product analytics. Often overlooked, software and mobile app analytics tools generate the user data that’s essential in the recipe for success.