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How Can a SuperUser Improve the Enterprise Software Rollout Process?

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Enterprise software development is a complex and time-consuming process. But many fail to realize that the actual rollout and deployment of an enterprise software platform can be equally challenging. This is especially true for large enterprise resource planning (ERP) software systems that impact staff in multiple departments and divisions.

During the software deployment process, you want to avoid a situation where your staff feels as though they’ve had the digital rug pulled out from under them. Transitioning can be challenging since you’re typically migrating data and processes from one platform to another — and those two systems may bear little resemblance to each other in terms of the user interface. Plus, humans are naturally resistant to change, adding an element of reluctance that further complicates matters.

There are many strategies to ensure a smooth enterprise software deployment and one entails the use of superusers. These individuals often prove to be the superstars of your software rollout, making for a much easier deployment and training experience with minimal downtime.

What is a Software Training Superuser?

In the context of an enterprise software deployment and rollout, a superuser is an individual who receives extensive training ahead of all other individuals who will be using the platform. They usually participate in advanced training sessions which should be held for the superusers and the company’s in-house tech team members.

These superusers are trained to the highest level and are typically provided with any and all administrator permissions, granting them access to all regions of the software platform. The role of a superuser is to provide support during the training process, answering questions and offering guidance alongside the training staff that is sent in by the software development company.

Once the formal training sessions have concluded and the training staff depart, superusers remain on-site and continue to offer support to their colleagues as they adjust to the new platform. They play an invaluable role because many questions or challenges may not come to light until after a user has left the training room.

How Are Software Deployment Superusers Selected?

When selecting superusers for a software rollout project, it is generally best to choose individuals who already hold a leadership role within their division. A superuser should be comfortable training, leading and instructing others. Superusers undergo extensive training on the software and they should be extremely comfortable with the platform by the time training begins for all other users. For this reason, a superuser should be a fast learner who can achieve a high-degree of proficiency within a relatively short timeframe.

Notably, superusers don’t necessarily need to be the most tech-savvy individuals within the company — although a degree of tech savvy certainly does come in useful. There will be trainers on-hand from the software development company to address the higher level technical questions or issues. Your in-house tech team can also serve as a good resource for those more technical questions.

There should be at least one superuser available at all times. It is prudent to select at least one superuser per shift per division or department. In cases where you have a large number of users within a division, it may be practical to train several individuals to take on this important role.

How Can a Superuser Help With the Enterprise Software Deployment Process?

Fielding questions and providing generalized support to new users is the primary role of a superuser. They serve as valuable support to the training staff, providing demonstrations and reinforcing the lessons that the trainers have provided.

The superusers are important because they remain on-site long after the training team has departed. This provides a psychological advantage to an organization’s staff. It’s easy to get disoriented when you suddenly realize that you are “on your own.” It’s akin to the way a child falls off their bike at the very moment they realize that their parent has released their grasp on the seat. Knowing that there are colleagues who can help goes a long way toward instilling confidence in users as they get acclimated to the new software systems.

With the right support, an organization can get through an enterprise software deployment with minimal downtime and minimal stress. Selecting the right software development company for your project is equally important. You need more than just a talented tech team to oversee the design and development process; you need an enterprise software development company that will get to know your business, its challenges and then, architect a solution that will bring a strong ROI. That is our specialty here at 7T, where we take a business first approach to development, providing end-to-end support in a way that delivers exceptional ROI.

7T maintains offices in Dallas, Houston, Chicago, and Austin, but our clientele spans the globe. If you’re ready to learn more about our digital transformation solutions, contact 7T today. 


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