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SevenTablets Rebrands to 7T, Reflects on Growth in 2020

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SevenTablets Rebrands to 7T, Reflects on Growth in 2020

DALLAS, TX, December 10, 2020In a year marked by challenges and uncertainty, Dallas-based software development company SevenTablets, Inc. thrived in 2020 and is celebrating a win with their transition to a new brand, ‘7T’. The rebrand acknowledges the journey that has taken place since their inception in 2012, when 7T was established as an innovative mobile software development company. After making a name in mobile innovation, the company scaled their offerings beyond mobile software to meet their clients’ evolving needs. 7T was up for the challenge, and over time, the company’s service offerings expanded to digital transformation, cloud integration, IOT, data analytics and Augmented Reality. To reflect the broad range of solutions that the company now offers, they rebranded as “7T.”

“We love the challenging projects that we see with our Fortune 500 clients, as well as growing companies. It’s wonderful to take our clients through the digital transformation journey, from establishing a strong foundation, to developing well-architected and scalable software that empowers the client to rise above competitors with their technological superiority. We recently realized that it’s the perfect time to undergo our own transformation. Clients have long referred to us as 7T, so it felt like a natural shift. We’re really just making it official,” explained Kishore Khandavalli, 7T founder and CEO. 

While 7T has scaled in terms of expertise and breadth of services, their mission remains the same. Their “business first, technology follows” philosophy leads to powerful software solutions that produce impressive growth, along with increased efficiency and revenue. 

“Starting out as a mobile development company has made us stronger. Mobile demands the utmost efficiency in terms of memory utilization, processing power, UI implementation – you name it. Most developers count responsiveness in seconds, but 7T counts in milliseconds when it comes to APIs and our mobile apps. We retained this emphasis on efficiency and performance when we began working on other projects. Clients saw our success in mobile and they wanted to see what we could do in the realm of enterprise software development,” said Shane Long, 7T president and COO.

The efficiency of mobile combined with the capabilities of enterprise platforms is what makes 7T stand out in the software development industry. Over time, 7T expanded their service offerings, emerging as a leading full-service Dallas software development firm with expertise in cutting-edge technologies such as custom-built ERPs and CRMs, augmented reality applications, cloud integrations, corporate messaging and communication platforms, and more. 

Khandavalli added, “I’m incredibly proud of the complex business problems that our team has solved over the years. This has allowed us to meet the challenges of 2020 head-on, while still experiencing a successful year. With how far we’ve come in the past eight years, we are excited to see what the next eight years have in store.”

In October 2020, 7T was named to SMU’s Dallas 100, a list of the fastest-growing private companies in the Dallas area. They also recently completed their first development project with a fully remote development team — a move that was necessitated by COVID-19 social distancing. 

About 7T, Inc.

7T. is a leading digital transformation company headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The company’s expertise spans the most advanced platforms including custom mobile apps, ERP platforms, CRM systems, Snowflake and cloud data solutions, data governance tools and other enterprise software solutions. 7T works with Fortune 500 companies as well as innovative, emerging technology businesses in a variety of industries. 7T uses a business-first approach to create cutting-edge business solutions that streamline operational efficiencies and accelerate revenue. For more information, visit 7T.co.



7T - SevenTablets, Inc.

7T is a Dallas-based digital transformation and technology consulting company, specializing in custom software, mobile app development and cloud services. Their innovative solutions empower high-growth startups to accelerate revenue and equip Fortune 500s with the tools they need to streamline operations and achieve untethered scalability. With a unique Business-First approach, they partner with clients to challenge assumptions and deliver technology solutions with a 5-10x ROI. 7T's highly innovative team has launched over 100 successful projects by becoming ingrained within the client’s operations and company culture.


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