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7 Traits Found in the Best Enterprise Messaging App Admin Portals

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DMs are rapidly becoming the preferred method of communication in many companies and organizations, as the succinct, to-the-point messages align well with how we naturally communicate — in short bursts rather than long, drawn-out missives.

As with any messaging platform, moderation is essential. But what admin portal features and functionalities should you be looking for in an enterprise messaging app?

Feature #1 – Messaging App User Roles

The ability to create and assign different user roles is critical for many organizations. You’ll want the ability to assign varying permissions, capabilities and levels of access to users.

Ideally, your enterprise messaging mobile app will allow you to create your own unique user roles, in addition to the handful of default roles that come pre-configured in the app interface.

Feature #2 – Blacklist Terms

A blacklist of terms and phrases can be extremely useful for moderation. This feature works by allowing admins to create a blacklist of keywords or even phrases that, when mentioned, will flag the offending message, which is then sent to a moderation queue.

Once in the moderation queue, an admin can manually review the message and take appropriate action.

More sophisticated moderation systems will also allow for automatic freezes on a user’s messaging capabilities if certain terms are mentioned or a reporting / flagging threshold is reached.

Feature #3 – Automated Actions

An admin’s time is precious, so it usually makes sense to automate whenever and wherever possible.

Ideally, your enterprise messaging app’s admin portal will include automated moderation actions. For instance, you might configure an action that removes a message from view if it’s flagged by three or more users. The message may then be automatically sent to the moderation queue for manual review.

Another common action would entail freezing a user’s messaging capabilities if they engage in “spammy” behaviors such as sending the same message to a large number of users. The user’s account would remain frozen until a moderator performs a review.

Feature #4 – Queue Prioritization

When it comes to the moderation queue, not every issue is of equal importance. Some issues may warrant immediate attention, while others are far less urgent.

The best enterprise messaging mobile apps — like SayHey Messenger — will feature prioritized queues that organize flagged messages and user accounts by urgency and importance.

This prioritization feature provides admins with the ability to address the more critical matters first, without the need to comb through dozens or even hundreds of line items in an attempt to determine how to best spend limited moderation time.

Feature #5 – Data Retention and Management

An enterprise messaging app contains a massive trove of company data, whether it’s a record of when certain information was provided to a client, to strategic discussions and even chats concerning trade secrets and other sensitive information. What’s more, many businesses and organizations must adhere to strict compliance requirements and regulations for their data. Take the case of JPMorgan, which was recently fined for allowing employees to use WhatsApp to discuss business matters.

To maintain compliance, many companies require an auditable, searchable account of all communications. Administrators also need the ability to determine what data needs to be retained and for how long. Different data types may require varying levels of encryption too.

The more full-featured enterprise messaging apps like SayHey Messenger will also allow full ownership of messaging data, which is stored in a private cloud environment. This allows for complete control over all of your company’s messaging data.

Consumer-grade messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Signal do not allow for full data control and ownership. This represents a tremendous liability both from a privacy perspective and from a compliance standpoint.

Feature #6 – Micro-aggression and Inclusion Monitoring

Recent years have seen an increased emphasis on inclusion, civility and acceptance in virtual work environments. Maintaining a positive and healthy virtual workspace can be a challenge — one that can be aided by technology that automatically monitors for micro-aggressions and potentially hostile comments.

The most useful messaging app admin portals will include the ability to monitor for problematic remarks, which can then be reviewed by a human moderator who can decide upon the appropriate course of action.

Discriminatory and offensive messages can represent a tremendous risk to a company, both from an HR perspective and even from a legal stance. Therefore, it’s important that your business’ messaging app allows admins to address potential bad actors promptly and effectively.

Feature #7 – Admin Alerts

It’s rare to have dedicated full-time moderators for an enterprise messaging app. Most admins will have an array of other tasks on their work day’s to-do list.

But some issues simply cannot — or should not — wait. This is where alerts can be extremely useful.

The best messenger app admin portals will allow administrators, moderators and even individual users to configure alerts. This can include decisions on what events or scenarios generate an alert, alert frequency and alert method (such as push notification, text message or email.)

The ability to configure your messenger app alerts ensures that time-sensitive issues are addressed promptly, allowing for more efficient moderation.

These are just some of the features available on SayHey Messenger, 7T’s enterprise messaging app. SayHey Messenger is rather unique in that it can be integrated into your existing ERP or CRM platform. It’s also possible to configure SayHey Messenger as a stand-alone mobile app.

At 7T, our development team works with company leaders who are seeking to solve problems and drive ROI through digital transformation. As an innovative Dallas software and mobile app development company, as 7T integrates cutting-edge solutions into virtually every project. We’re here to deliver collaborative, multi-phased software development services to clients in all business sectors.

7T maintains offices in Dallas, Houston, Chicago, and Austin, but our clientele spans the globe. If you’re ready to learn more about an enterprise messaging mobile app or a SayHey Messenger integration for your enterprise platform, contact 7T today. 


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