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Tips for Choosing an Enterprise Messaging Platform: Key Considerations

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Recent years have seen a dramatic evolution in the way we communicate in the workplace. Gone are the days of lengthy emails and phone calls. Today’s communications are far shorter and direct to the point.

Society has become very accustomed to instant messaging and text messaging and these communication patterns have emerged as the new normal in the business world. This has prompted savvy businesses to seek out enterprise messaging solutions, but the reality is that true enterprise messenger apps are few and far between. Well-built ERP- or CRM-integrated messaging features are even less common, prompting many to turn to less-than-ideal consumer-grade solutions like Slack, WhatsApp or Microsoft Teams.

The following considerations will go a long way toward helping company leaders as they choose an enterprise messaging solution.

Consideration 1: A Stand-alone Mobile App or Integrated into Your Enterprise Platform?

When selecting an enterprise messenger platform, you’ll need to decide whether your operations are best-suited to a messenger mobile app or as an in-built feature that is integrated into your existing enterprise software platform. Some companies may even benefit from both a mobile application and ERP / CRM integration.

To choose the best option, consider where and how team members communicate. For example, a dispersed, mobile workforce may benefit from a mobile app, whereas a company with centralized operations that are virtually all focused around an enterprise software platform could do best with an integrated messaging solution.

Notably, 7T’s SayHey Messenger is available in both forms: a module that can be integrated into your company’s enterprise platform or as a stand-alone mobile application.

Consideration 2: Does the Instant Messaging Platform Have the Collaboration Tools You Need to Succeed?

Collaboration is key. So what are the most important tools or features for your company beyond basic text messaging? Does the platform allow you to create groups where users can text, collaborate and share documents, photos and videos?

If your company does a lot of collaboration via conference call or video, you may be well-suited to an enterprise messenger tool that includes calls and video conferencing among its features. Whatever the case, take time to think about precisely how staff collaborate and consider what tools will enhance those efforts.

Consideration 3: Do You Own and Control Your Enterprise Messaging Data?

There is tremendous value in your company’s messaging data. Just imagine the potential damage that could arise if that information was to land in the wrong hands. Or think of how much ground could be lost if historical messaging data was suddenly unavailable, making it impossible to reference information from past messages.

The most commonly-used messaging solutions like Slack and WhatsApp do not afford users full control and ownership of their data, which is highly problematic. The ideal enterprise messaging platform gives you full ownership and control of your enterprise data, with full encryption and security measures.

Data ownership, security and control will be a more significant consideration for companies that transmit potentially sensitive information over a messenger platform. Businesses that deal in less sensitive data may not find this issue quite as troublesome, although it’s a vital consideration nevertheless.

Consideration 4: Does the Business Messenger Platform Include an Admin Portal and Moderation Tools?

An enterprise messaging app or ERP-integrated messenger platform requires a comprehensive admin portal where administrators can view key metrics, alerts concerning flagged users and other important information related to activities on the platform.

A robust set of moderation tools is extra important if your company is going to maintain a productive and inclusive work environment. A surprising number of instant messaging apps lack the moderator tools that are required to achieve (and keep) chats moving in the right direction.

Moderation tools are especially relevant today because recent years have seen an increased emphasis on maintaining inclusive virtual work environments that are free from micro-aggressions, slights and comments that are counterproductive at best — or toxic and even criminal at worst.

It’s essential that your chosen platform allows moderators to quickly and efficiently identify and address bad actors or individuals who’ve made inappropriate comments. For example, SayHey Messenger has a robust set of messaging moderation tools, including an AI-powered engine that continually monitors for micro-aggressions and compliance. An admin can then review the flagged messages and take action when problems exist.

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