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Do You Control and Own Your Enterprise Messaging Data?

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In many companies, instant messaging has largely taken the place of email, phone calls and other more traditional forms of communication. And it’s easy to understand why; direct messages are quick, easy, direct and they align well with how we naturally tend to communicate.

But imagine what would happen if one day, you suddenly lost access to your messaging data or discovered this potentially sensitive data was compromised. Think of how often you reference prior messages. All of that historical data could be lost. Or worse, what if that information was shared publicly or with a competitor. The potential for damage to a business is tremendous.

These risks are very real for a vast majority of companies that use platforms such as Slack, WhatsApp and Microsoft Teams. In these cases, your data lives on their servers and as a result, enterprise users are at their mercy when it comes to security, privacy, data retention and so on.

Does Your Company Control and Own its Enterprise Messaging Data?

With a majority of direct messaging platforms, you don’t control or own your data. Control is a significant pain point, especially if sensitive or proprietary information is shared over a messenger app.

Even if a messaging app features end-to-end encryption, there’s no guarantee that your data will remain encrypted for the duration of its retention timeframe on the app or platform that you’re using. This says nothing of the potential for a surreptitious sale of data without the customer’s knowledge. There’s no telling how many data breach cases have occurred when an underpaid messaging app employee sold data to a company’s competitors.

The lack of data ownership is a major problem if you ever decide to leave that messaging platform since you can’t take that data with you. This is most common (and problematic) on platforms that are not designed exclusively for enterprise usage. Just imagine how much historical information could be lost.

How Do You Gain Control and Ownership of Your Enterprise Messaging Data?

To get ownership of your company’s data, all of the data associated with your instant messaging app must “live” on your own private server. This can be a cloud server, an on-premises server in a data center or a virtual private server.

Unfortunately, relatively few instant messaging apps provide users with any degree of control or ownership of their data. SayHey Messenger is one enterprise messaging app that’s designed specifically with businesses in mind, so clients are provided with full ownership and control of their data. This means that your business can control:

  • How messaging data is stored and encrypted;
  • How long data is retained;
  • Where data is stored, and;
  • What types of data are stored long term.

SayHey is rather unique because it’s more than just a stand-alone mobile app. SayHey Messenger can be integrated into a pre-existing enterprise software platform, like an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform, a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software interface, a Business Intelligence (BI) platform or Supply Chain Management (SCM) portal.

This ability to integrate your enterprise messaging platform as a module in your existing software system is ideal because it allows you to centralize operations in a single, central location. This leads to more effective communications. For instance, there’s less chance a user will be distracted as they exit the platform to launch a stand-alone messenger app. The SayHey Messenger’s instant messaging interface will be right there, embedded within the enterprise platform, so messages can be read and sent from a centralized location with little more than a shift in a user’s glance.

Gain Control of Your Data With the SayHey Messenger Platform

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