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Updating an App for iPadOS – What it Means for Your Business

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Apple has announced that a new iPad operating system – aptly named iPadOS – will be launched in the fall of 2019. This means that now is the time for companies to update mobile apps to work on this new and improved iPad OS! In fact, according to a keynote speech at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2019, this iPadOS will include game-changing features that are intended to eradicate the functional gap between laptops and tablets.

At WWDC 2019, Apple confirmed that iOS 13 will actually be named iPadOS, which is representative of the vast differences that will be featured in this new iPad operating system. Quite simply, this new OS is expected to be revolutionary, with some speculating that the iPadOS features could make the iPad robust enough to replace your laptop computer entirely – a change that the team at 7T has been looking forward to for years! Some new features and functionalities associated with iPadOS (and the newest iPad Pro) include:

  • The ability to use a USB stick
  • Multi-tasking improvements related to Slide-Over and Exposé view
  • Mouse support for a Bluetooth or USB-connected mouse or trackpad

Yes, that’s right. You can FINALLY use a mouse with your tablet in the new iPadOS. When combined with additional text editing improvements, this AssistiveTouch feature will go a long way toward making the iPad more practical for both click- and text-heavy applications. But these new features mean that the current version of your mobile app may not work as expected when iPadOS is released in the fall. So what does that mean for your app? Well, it’s time to begin updating apps for iPadOS / iOS 13.

How Far in Advance Should I Consider Updating an App for iPadOS?

Apple, like other developers, releases fleshed-out beta versions for major operating systems approximately two-to-three months ahead of the official release date. But in the development world, this timeframe is actually quite short, particularly in cases where developers must accommodate new hardware and fresh functionalities. In short, now is the time to reach out to your mobile app development company to begin the process of addressing mobile app updates in anticipation of iPadOS. Remember, you’re not the only company seeking to create a new app update ahead of this game-changing iOS release. The average development company will spend a good portion of the summer performing mobile app updates for its clients. So, the sooner you claim your spot in the queue, the better.

How Do I Know if My App Will Need an Update for iPadOS?

iOS 13, as it was called in advance of WWDC 2019, could quite literally impact every mobile app on the market (and even those that are still in development.) The degree of impact will vary according to the precise nature of your mobile application’s interface. For instance, if your app features text editing capabilities and requires plenty of clicking action, then mouse-friendly iPadOS may prompt some fairly significant modifications. The same is true if your mobile app could benefit from the usage of USB sticks, which weren’t usable with Apple’s tablets until the release of the latest iPad Pro in November 2018.

It’s important to note that the iPadOS beta version is precisely that—a beta version that’s subject to modification before its official release. So a few minor tweaks may be required after the new operating system is released this fall, but the majority of modifications can (and should) be addressed well in advance. The last thing you want is to find that your app no longer works as expected after updating to the much-anticipated tablet OS. For companies with an enterprise app, or businesses that rely upon mobile apps as a primary revenue source, this scenario could be disastrous. This underscores the importance of taking action by reaching out to an experienced mobile app development company that can update your app ahead of this new iPad OS release. If you’re building a new mobile app, or need help ensuring that your current app will work seamlessly with iPadOS, you’ll need an experienced development company that’s well-versed on the functionalities and features of this new OS.

7T’s talented development team will soon be busy testing and modifying mobile apps for iPadOS, so our clients will be well prepared when the new Apple platform is released in the fall. In fact, one of our specialties is the cross-platform mobile app, which works on multiple operating systems (unlike a native app that works only on Apple or only on Android devices). Typically, cross-platform apps tend to have a bit more flexibility, making them slightly less prone to the bugs that arise from an operating system update.

7T is experienced in all areas of custom software and mobile app development, including UI/UX, mobile security, mobile analytics and beyond. Our experts can also integrate a number of modern technologies into your app or software platform, including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Predictive Analytics, or Augmented Reality (AR). 7T is headquartered in Dallas, with regional offices in Houston and Austin. If you’re ready to update your app for iPadOS or simply want to build a custom software platform that’ll take your business to the next level, turn to the experts at 7T and contact us today.

Reach out to our team today!

Shane Long

As COO and President of 7T, Shane Long brings experience in mobility that pre-dates the term “smartphone” and the release of the first iPhone. His work has helped revolutionize the growth of mobility by bringing to market one of the first graphics processors used in mobile phones, technology that after being acquired by Qualcomm lived well into the 4th generation of smartphones, as well as helped pioneer the first GPS implementations in the segment. With a strong engineering and business background, Shane understands how the rise of mobility and Predictive Analytics is crucial to greater business strategies geared toward attaining competitive advantage, accelerating revenue, and realizing new efficiencies. As the leader of a B2B mobility solutions provider, he partners with business leaders including marketers and product developers to leverage enterprise mobile applications, big data and analytics, and mobile strategy.

Shane earned a B.S. at Texas A&M (whoop!) and studied mathematics as a graduate student at Southern Methodist University.


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