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In today’s bring-your-own-device (BYOD) culture, ensuring mobile security best practices is a top priority. We carry our work everywhere we go with our personal devices, which exposes valuable data your employees may be carrying with them as they travel to and from work. Additionally, hackers are becoming more sophisticated with their malware, ransomware, phishing attempts and other attacks designed to harm your company’s functionality and reputation.

Even if you manage to thwart an attack, you risk shelling out millions in order to protect the sanctity of your operations and data if you fail to implement the adequate security measures across every segment. As such, your mobile device management solution needs to proactively monitor, control, and protect your company from front end to back. Our team offers a STAX framework with 4096-bit SSL encryption, combined with our Brigade messaging and security platform to provide you with military-grade security features and geofencing capabilities.

Brigade Mobile Security Solutions

  • SSL Encryption:

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption scrambles your app’s data when it is in transit (and therefore most vulnerable), making it eligible to anyone who intercepts it.


  • Multi-Factor Authentication:

With multi-factor authentication or two-step authentication, users are required to perform two tasks in order to log in. This additional checkpoint helps thwart would-be hackers.


  • Blockchain:

Blockchain consists of a decentralized, distributed network made up of a series of interconnected “blocks.” Each block offers transaction data and a timestamp for the previous one. The data is encoded in a cryptographic hash, making it harder to alter a single block.

  • Remote Wipe:

This feature allows you to delete an application and its data in case someone gains unauthorized access. You don’t even need to have access to the device in order to perform a remote wipe – you can simply log in to an admin portal and choose to erase the missing device.


  • Biometric Authentication:

A relatively new form of technology, biometric authentication requires users to scan a unique part of their body in order to log in, such as a fingerprint, eyes or entire face. For instance, many newer phones leverage a facial-scanning system (infrared or other) that considers facial structure, eye-placement and depth to determine if the users handling the device should have full-access or not.


  • Geofencing, ephemeral messaging and more.

When Should You Implement Mobile Security Measures?

Be sure you consider these security features early in the game, as attempting to retroactively add security measures can damage other parts of the app. Also, keep in mind that many security issues can be avoided if you trust your app to an experienced development team that uses the latest technology.


Protect your company, data and users from evolving threats with end-to-end security. Brigade includes geofencing and ephemeral messaging that eliminates sensitive data sent via any form of messaging before a hacker can access it. These features, along with 4096-bit encryption, will guarantee your data stays safe and secure. Brigade’s innovative features include:

  • Device, app and network assessments
  • Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) protocol
  • A balance between usability and security
  • Employee training
  • Military-grade encryption and geofencing technology
  • Messaging capabilities
  • Users can take a secret photo if someone tries to access an account multiple times

Ultimately, Brigade allows employees to maintain security at any time of the day, anywhere in the world. The technology allows users to successfully send media files without worrying about the safety of the content. The goal is to protect your data, your devices and your end-users while maintaining a simple and intuitive user experience.


Our agile open source development platform is top of the line in the security software industry, seamlessly delivering high-performance apps without scalability issues for both iOS and Android. STAX offers the following features:

  • Apps load up to 85% faster than the App Store standard, with the bare minimum operating speed loading at 500 milliseconds
  • Supports both native and hybrid app development.
  • Lean server-side components
  • Option to white label your app
  • Access to a library of pre-built components
  • Can scale linearly
  • A cloud-agnostic platform

STAX achieves these performance-enhancing features without sacrificing your security needs, as its 4096-bit SSL encryption keeps your app safe from costly breaches.

Case Study: PHP Agency

The PHP Agency, one of the fastest growing financial marketing organizations in the United States, partnered with 7T to produce the PHP Agency sales companion app. This app provides sales resources, contact management, industry news and secure internal messaging. Users can track their personal and team sales goals, boosting collaboration and providing incentives in the form of badges and awards. The app also makes it easy to share documents on both iOS and Android devices.

Because exchanging sensitive client and corporate data may expose PHP to malware and data breaches, ensuring security was a must. As such, we included military-grade security and Brigade’s 4096-bit SSL encryption. In addition, messages, images and videos can only be viewed in secure networks and for a limited time if the sender chooses to do so.

Our solutions helped PHP create a modernized app for the life insurance and financial services industry, where every interaction and file is available to employees and clients through their mobile devices. Additionally, the company’s employees and its clients can sleep comfortably at night knowing their data is secure.

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