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What is Workflow Automation Software and How Does it Benefit Your Business?

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The terms “workflow automation” and “process automation” are common buzz words across many industries, but many fail to appreciate exactly what these concepts entail and how they can transform your business. A well-architected digital transformation project to automate processes and workflows can improve productivity and overall work quality in ways that have a significant impact on a company’s bottom line. This all begs the question: what is workflow automation software and how does it benefit your business?

What is Process / Workflow Automation Software?

Process automation or workflow automation involves identifying a specific series of tasks or actions, which are then augmented using various forms of technology. Automation is an increasingly popular form of digital transformation and for good reason — but that’s something we’ll explore in greater depth as we examine process automation benefits.

Workflow automation software may involve an entire process from start to finish, or it may entail just portions of the workflow. It really depends upon factors such as your needs and what is possible and practical for the process at hand.

Various forms of technology — including mobile apps, web apps and custom enterprise software platforms — are used in conjunction with process automation software. The ideal automation solution will vary according to the nature of the process or workflow, what you are seeking to achieve and what other technologies may be involved. For example, an eCommerce fulfillment center may seek to automate processes with its “picking” machines, which are used to take items from storage to an area where the item is packed up and shipped out. The process automation may begin with an order, which is then passed to the picking machine. Then, the picking machine retrieves the item, brings it to the designated location where the automation solution assigns a bin number and dispatches that bin to the packing area.

Digital transformation in the form of automation software can work with a manual process just like the aforementioned. It’s also possible to achieve workflow automation involving digital processes and actions. For instance, you might have a workflow where every time data is entered into a spreadsheet, that information is sent to an enterprise software system, where an alert is generated for a human to perform a review of the information. Then, once the review is complete and a rating is assigned, the automation script prompts a conditional action — a specific action that is dependent upon the exact outcome of the review.

What Are the Benefits of Process / Workflow Automation Software?

Process automation and workflow automation can bring huge benefits to an organization, regardless of your industry, company size or business type. Each automation solution is custom tailored to suit the exact process or workflow, so the sky is really the limit when it comes to what’s possible. Consider the following advantages of process / workflow automations.

Improve Efficiency and Productivity With Process Automation

Workflow and process automation is very effective for improving productivity and overall efficiency. Your automation solution will handle the process expediently and consistently. Each process or workflow automation is architected in a way that reflects your needs and as such, it is relatively easy to modify the process as opportunities for improvement are identified.

Automation can be combined with other technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to achieve even better results. With AI and machine learning, you can develop automation software solutions that are responsive and adaptive, becoming increasingly more efficient over time.

Process Automation Software Eliminates Human Error

Human error can account for significant losses, both in terms of financials and in terms of efficiency. In many cases, the true degree of human error-related losses is not fully appreciated until a process automation solution is implemented. Only then do many people realize how much human error was to blame for various flaws, oversights and mishaps.

Workflow and process automation is best-suited to tasks that are formulaic and predictable. These are the types of tasks that can pose the greatest struggle for humans too, since repetition and boredom can lead to an increased incidence of human error and even burnout.

Workflow and Process Automation Frees Staff to Focus on Higher Level Tasks

Process and workflow automation solutions can be strategically leveraged to free a company’s staff to focus on more complex, higher-level projects — things that cannot be achieved through automation.

As mentioned above, process and workflow automation is best-suited to more formulaic and even downright repetitive tasks. Performing these processes and workflows manually can wear on staff, leading to poor morale, higher incidence of human error and dips in productivity. But if you can offload these tasks using an automation solution, staff have more time to work on projects that are more engaging, dynamic, intellectually stimulating and ultimately, more critical for a company’s success.

Digital Transformation With the Right Automation Software Solution

Process and workflow automation benefits are many and varied. But you need the right automation solution for your exact needs and challenges. That is where the team at 7T can help because we take a business-first approach to development, including our workflow and process automation software development services.

At 7T, we embrace digital transformation and we take great pride in our ability to develop technology that is truly transformative for our clients using an approach of “Digital Transformation Driven by Business Strategy.”  The 7T development team works with company leaders who are seeking to solve problems and drive ROI through digital transformation. We then provide collaborative, multi-phased digital transformation as a service solutions — such as process automation and workflow automation software development services — to clients in all business sectors.

Our offices are situated in Dallas, Houston and Austin, but our clientele spans the globe. If you’re ready to learn more about digital transformation as a service or are seeking to develop an automation solution, custom enterprise software platform, a mobile app or another piece of technology for your organization, contact 7T today. 


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