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The Benefits of Working With an Enterprise Digital Transformation Consultant

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Digital transformation encompasses a broad range of technology and IT-related projects. This nebulous nature leaves some business leaders feeling rather uncertain as their team begins to develop a digital transformation strategy.

To compound matters, enterprise-level digital transformation has some unique qualities that must be considered if you are going to be successful. Enter: the enterprise digital transformation consultant, an expert who can effectively guide a business toward success through the strategic implementation of established and emerging technologies.

What Does an Enterprise Digital Transformation Consultant Do?

Enterprise digital transformation consultants play an instrumental role in the development of a strategy for putting new technology to work for large companies in a variety of industries and business sectors.

Ideally, your enterprise digital transformation consultant will have experience working with companies in your industry since there are numerous industry-specific factors that will come into play as you develop a strategy for moving forward.

An enterprise digital transformation consultant will be involved in the following tasks and projects as they strive to identify and guide the implementation of new technology — all part of a company’s digital transformation strategy. As you explore the consultant’s role, the benefits come into clear focus.

  • Evaluating the Pain Points – The process begins with an evaluation of the company’s needs and pain points. What problem is the business trying to solve? Where do inefficiencies exist? Is there opportunity for improvement? These are some of the questions that will be addressed.
  • Identifying Possible Solutions – Once a pain point or inefficiency is pinpointed, the next step is to identify technology that may represent a solution. This is where digital transformation consultants really shine because they are typically very familiar with the newest emerging technologies and how this tech can be leveraged. The best consultants can come up with a really innovative digital transformation solution that addresses multiple pain points at once.
  • Strategy Development – After a pain point and solution has been identified, it is time to develop a strategy and plan for moving forward. This is another area where experienced enterprise digital transformation consultants shine because they will have insights into common pitfalls and how to avoid them. Your digital transformation consultant can also assist with the selection of a development company or other IT professionals to develop and implement the technology that you have selected.
  • Development – A seasoned digital transformation consultant has experience dealing with development companies, so they are well-positioned to help guide your company’s interactions with this service provider as your digital transformation solution is developed. Your consultant will guard your interests, while simultaneously ensuring that the project remains on track.
  • Implementation and Deployment – There is the potential for significant disruption during the implementation and deployment phase of any project. An enterprise digital transformation consultant will play a critical role during this phase of the project, looking for pitfalls and guiding the project toward success.

This is the general process that an enterprise digital transformation consultant will use as they get the client’s project to the finish line.

Additional Benefits of Working With an Enterprise Digital Transformation Consultant

An enterprise digital transformation consultant’s primary objective is to guide a project toward success, while advising in a way that minimizes the chances of roadblocks and pitfalls. Here is a look at some of the main benefits of working with a digital transformation consultant.

  • Your consultant will have useful insights into potential problems that you may encounter during a digital transformation project. Once you’re aware of these obstacles, you will be far better prepared to avoid them.
  • A consultant who specializes in enterprise-level projects will offer useful advice and recommendations that are unique to big business. This will streamline the digital transformation process and minimize potentially-costly inefficiencies. Many consultants also specialize in specific industries or business sectors, enabling them to provide industry-specific knowledge that streamlines and improves the digital transformation process.
  • Digital transformation — and technology in general — can be rather difficult to understand. This makes the digital transformation process rather challenging in some circumstances. You want to fully understand your options and the workings of that technology. Fortunately, a seasoned consultant has the expertise required to distill, interpret and explain various technologies, choices, concepts, etc. This makes the digital transformation process far easier and more palatable.
  • Your digital transformation consultant can serve as a wonderful advocate, looking after your company’s best interests as you engage with development firms and other third-parties who are involved in the digital transformation project.
  • Consultants play an instrumental role in offering advice beyond the initial selection of a digital transformation solution. Drawing upon past experience, your consultant will provide recommendations to keep the project on track from start to finish.

At the end of the day, an enterprise digital transformation consultant will guide your project toward success, keeping it on-track and on-budget. A consultant may also be a company’s most valuable advocate as they guard interests and push for an expedient, cost effective digital transformation experience with a healthy ROI.

At 7T, digital transformation is our specialty. We develop transformative technology using an approach of “Digital Transformation Driven by Business Strategy.”  The 7T development team works with company leaders who are seeking to solve problems and drive ROI through digital transformation. We then provide collaborative, multi-phased digital transformation as a service solutions — such as process automation and workflow automation software development services — to clients in all business sectors.

Our offices are situated in Dallas, Houston and Austin, but our clientele spans the globe. If you’re ready to learn more about digital transformation as a service or are seeking to develop an enterprise digital transformation solution such as a custom enterprise software platform, mobile app or another piece of technology for your organization, contact 7T today. 


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7T is a Dallas-based digital transformation and technology consulting company, specializing in custom software, mobile app development and cloud services. Their innovative solutions empower high-growth startups to accelerate revenue and equip Fortune 500s with the tools they need to streamline operations and achieve untethered scalability. With a unique Business-First approach, they partner with clients to challenge assumptions and deliver technology solutions with a 5-10x ROI. 7T's highly innovative team has launched over 100 successful projects by becoming ingrained within the client’s operations and company culture.


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