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Swiss Military Bans the Use of WhatsApp, Signal and Telegram by On-Duty Personnel

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The Swiss Army has officially moved to ban on-duty military personnel from using messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal and other similar mobile messaging platforms.

The move comes as Switzerland’s military has rolled out a more secure Swiss-made messaging platform, Threema. Threema Work is designed specifically for enterprise usage, thereby eliminating the potential for overlap between personal and military-related messaging.

Why Did the Swiss Army Ban WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram and Other Messaging Apps?

The ban on WhatsApp and other instant messaging applications is intended to avoid a scenario where potentially-sensitive information is accidentally exposed on a messaging platform where military and personal messages could potentially be intermingled.

The Threema enterprise messaging app has already been in used by Swiss military professionals for a period of time, so this latest move represents an expansion of this rollout to include all active-duty military.

In Switzerland, military personnel are permitted to use their own mobile devices, which is part of what prompted the on-duty ban of WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal and other similar apps.

The enterprise messaging platform provides end-to-end encryption which protects the content that’s sent through the application. Encryption a key feature for militaries, companies and others who are seeking to protect proprietary or otherwise sensitive information that’s transmitted over messaging apps.

While the actual content of messages is concealed, it is still possible to access meta data that indicates the sender, recipient and the time a message was sent.

According to Sky News, “Local news services in Switzerland reported there are no punishments available for soldiers who continue to use other services.”

The Challenges of Using Messaging Apps Like WhatsApp for Business

The Swiss military is not alone when it comes to grappling with enterprise messaging platforms. DMs represent an intuitive, convenient option that aligns with our natural communication patterns — that is, in short snippets that are shared as the thought arises. This makes instant messaging platforms a great choice for business communications, but there’s an inherent risk when you combine business (or military) and personal messages in a single app.

Beyond the risks of intermingling business and personal messages in a single mobile app, companies are also concerned about issues such as security, compliance and moderation. For these reasons, an increasing number of companies are turning to enterprise messaging apps such as SayHey Messenger.

SayHey Messenger is an enterprise messaging mobile app, designed to integrate into your existing CRM, ERP or other business software platform. It’s also available as a stand-alone mobile app.

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