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Rebel Athletic Receives Technology Adopter Award at Annual Tech Titans Awards Gala

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Rebel Athletic Receives TechTitans Technology Adopter Award for FitFreedom Their Augmented Reality Clothes Fitting App

DALLAS, TX, August 24, 2020At the 2019 TechTitans Awards Gala, Rebel Athletic took home the Technology Adopter Award for their augmented reality clothes fitting app, FitFreedom. The app was developed by Dallas-based software and mobile app development company, 7T. The Technology Adopter title is awarded to a company outside of the tech sector, recognizing the company’s adoption and utilization of innovative technologies with a goal of improving their business results.

“So we won a little something last night for our development of the FitFreedom sizing app!…Honored and surprised that we won in a category where our competition was TGI Friday’s and Cinemark Theaters!” remarked Karen Noseff Aldridge, founder and CEO of Rebel Athletic, in a post on social media made shortly after the August 23, 2019 awards ceremony.

Rebel Athletic — founded in 2012 as a big brand alternative for athletic apparel and custom cheerleading uniforms — was searching for a way to improve and streamline uniform measurements and ordering. Developed in partnership with the Dallas digital transformation and software development experts at 7T, the Fit Freedom app is an innovative alternative to traditional “fit kits” for custom cheerleading uniform sizing.

The complete body scans captured by the augmented reality platform have a reported accuracy rate of 99%. All you need is a smartphone. Utilizing FitFreedom for sizing has lowered the company’s return rate drastically. The company has reported a savings totaling several hundred thousand dollars in the first few months following the app’s release. 

“We are proud of our extraordinary partner, Rebel Athletic, for winning the Technology Adopter Award and using augmented reality to transform their business. The FitFreedom app is a testament to how technology can provide a massive ROI for [a company in] any industry,” explained 7T President Shane Long.

TechTitans handed out 14 awards to individuals, companies and organizations, ranging from Corporate Company CEO to Fast Tech: the Fastest Growing Company and Emerging Company Innovation award. The complete list of winners can be found here.

About Rebel Athletic

Rebel Athletic is the original — and fastest-growing — global luxury couture cheer and dance uniform and athletic apparel company. Rebel offers some of the most highly-customized and intricately-detailed garments available in the cheerleading industry. For more information on team uniforms, visit RebelAthleticCheer.com. For more information on the Rebel athletic-wear retail line, visit RebelAthletic.com.


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