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Phased Software Development – Benefits of Phased Approach Implementation

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Phased software development can bring many benefits and advantages, both in terms of budget, development strategy, proof of concept, and ultimately, implementation and rollout.

A phased mobile app or software development project can span many months or even years, depending upon the client’s preferences and the scale and nature of the platform that’s being built.

There can also be a significant financial advantage to phased software development, which makes this a very attractive option for businesses and organizations that are seeking a way to reduce short-term development costs without affecting quality in an adverse way.

Advantages of Phased Software Development: Cost Management

Reducing software development costs without impacting quality is a challenge facing many companies and organizations, especially in a post-pandemic world where COVID-19 has adversely impacted the bottom line for countless businesses worldwide.

But mobile app and software development is an industry where “you get what you pay for” generally rings true. In fact, countless clients have approached 7T for help with a development project gone awry after they attempted offshore development or hired a cut-rate developer to cut corners in an attempt to save. All too often, the end result is a useless, partially-built app that cannot be salvaged, rendering that initial investment a total loss.

In other cases, a developer may hold the source code hostage, forcing the client to start from scratch when they realize the original development company just isn’t going to produce a platform of the quality they require.

Phased software development projects let you side-step these sorts of issues since you can plan your development project in “chunks” that align with your budget.

Phased development also allows for phased roll-out and implementation, which means you’ll enjoy ROI a bit sooner. Of course it’s important to remember that ROI from a partially-fleshed-out software platform will be less than what you’d see from the complete, full-featured platform. But for some companies, seeing any measurable ROI can go a long way toward instilling confidence needed to invest even more significant sums into the development project.

Phased Software Development Benefits: Proof of Concept & Feature Planning

A project’s funding may be partially contingent upon proof of concept, necessitating a phased software development strategy. This may be true of a startup with an entirely new mobile app concept that’s seeking funding from donors and investors. It can also be true of a well-established company that’s looking to build a new enterprise software platform. The team spearheading the project may need to provide proof of concept to shareholders or company executives and the first phase of a development project can allow you to achieve exactly that.

Basic proof of concept may be achieved with a simplified version of a mobile application or software platform. Then, those features can be fleshed out or new functionalities added in subsequent phases.

Additionally, a phased software development strategy allows for greater agility. For example, a company may shift its focus slightly or add a new division or service offering that changes the trajectory of the development project. Therefore, in situations where there exists a real potential for change or short-term evolution, phased development could be your best option.

Benefits of Phased Software Development: Phased Implementation

Phased software implementation and rollout can be less jarring, especially for enterprise software platforms that employees are required to use in order to fulfill their duties. Employees can be reluctant about on-the-job change, translating into noticeable resistance during the enterprise software implementation process.

A more gradual shift can make for an easier transition to a new software or enterprise mobile app. Phased software development usually starts with core functionalities and features, followed by less essential features on the periphery or an expansion into entirely new feature sets.

This means staff can familiarize themselves with the essentials on the initial release. Then, once familiar, they’ll be more likely to explore new features as they’re rolled out. The non-essential and new features can be a hard sell for employees who are hesitant to try new things, so it’s logical to introduce these later in the game when the users have a large degree of familiarity with the platform as a whole. This pre-existing familiarity makes the new features a bit less intimidating. The net effect is a smoother, gradual implementation and higher overall adoption rate.

At 7T, we fully appreciate the many phased mobile app and software development benefits, so we’re happy to accommodate clients who are interested in pursuing this approach for their project.

Choosing the Right Software Development Company

As you consider your software development project strategy, it’s vital that you choose a development company that specializes in the right approach or technology. At 7T, we have extensive experience in the realms of React Native development, common code base and unified code base development projects for the automotive industry. Our team has encountered many clients who’ve sought our help after they “got what they paid for” when attempting to cut development costs. We’re well-versed on what it takes to build a robust, dynamic and user-friendly platform that brings a significant ROI.

A leading Dallas mobile app and software development company, 7T specializes in digital transformation by developing mobile apps and software platforms that feature emerging technologies, from mobile app development, custom software projects such as CRM platforms and ERP development, or Snowflake data solutions, we are ready to deliver collaborative, multi-phased software development services to clients in all business sectors.

At 7T, our development team enjoys working with company leaders who are seeking to solve problems and drive ROI through digital transformation. We’ve earned a reputation as an innovative Dallas software development company, as 7T integrates cutting-edge solutions into virtually every project, whether it’s mobile app development, CRM platforms or ERP development, and data solutions. We’re here to deliver collaborative, multi-phased software development services.

7T maintains offices in Dallas, Houston, Chicago, and Austin, but our clientele spans the globe. If you’re ready to start creating your software development project, contact 7T today. 


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