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Custom Software Development: Optimizing Business Processes During a Crisis

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With all the news surrounding COVID-19, businesses are being forced to adapt to ever-changing conditions. Common challenges impacting industries include increased or decreased demand for products and services, transitioning employees to remote work and being forced to limit or shut down hours of operations due to health concerns.

In times like these, it becomes even more critical that businesses evaluate their business models, their crisis response plans, business continuity plans and the current state of their operations. In cases where business processes are suffering, many companies are turning to software solutions to course correct. Here are a few top ways that custom software can help businesses optimize their processes.

Better Communication Strategies and Customer Relationships

If you weren’t convinced that you needed to utilize current technology or have a digital strategy in place, you’re likely being forced to reconsider. As people venture out less and less, it will be up to online resources to help sustain sales and process management. 

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms are extremely useful for managing clients and improving responsiveness. Your business has a unique opportunity to show clients that you’re aware of the current situation and actively working on new solutions. 

These are the moments that can make or break a company. The way you respond and come through will be a testament to your adaptability. Putting customers at ease will also build up the reputation of your business and their trust in your ability to deliver. Here are just a few main benefits of CRM platform solutions:

  • Improved Communications – Through the platform, businesses can manage internal company communication, external company announcements and individual client communication. Especially during adverse circumstances, effective communication is key contributor to success.  
  • Accessible Project Details – Don’t waste time digging around, trying to remember contact information or details of your clients’ projects. Instead, consolidate your resources and notes into a single, easy-to-use platform. When you opt to develop a companion mobile version, you can even access your resources on the go.
  • Team Performance Monitoring – Although remote work presents unique challenges and benefits, you’ll still need a way to monitor team performance and track sales forecasting. Additionally, a little friendly team competition could be just the thing to improve employee morale. You can even coordinate marketing efforts and client acquisition to improve workflow efficiency. 

Project Management Platforms to Improve Effectiveness

Businesses can rely on their project management platforms to stay on task, track project deadlines, manage adjusted timelines and keep teams connected while working remotely.

  • Resource Management – Internal management capabilities include tracking inventory and sales, shipping and logistics and marketing and advertising. Optimizing the use of resources is especially critical in times of economic uncertainty.
  • Project Workflow Management – A custom-built platform can help your teams divide and manage tasks while monitoring progress and any issues that you encounter. Since communication is now more complicated than walking over to a co-worker’s desk, you want to take advantage of resources that will keep your employees communicating and focused on the same goals.
  • Human Resources – HR professionals have their hands full with ramped-up workloads. Responsibilities may include communicating company updates, managing employee payroll and health information, tracking company expenses, complying with health regulations and recommendations and checking in with remote workers. If you aren’t currently using a streamlined system for HR responsibilities, consider the benefits of  a project management platform.

Data-Driven Insights and Improved Data Storage Options 

Perhaps this event was a glaring wake-up call that your company’s legacy systems are not as responsive as they should be. If you are not equipped to handle changing circumstances, chances are, you are not performing competitively at your full potential. Alternatively, if you are leading your industry, innovation can keep you from becoming stagnant and failing to optimize your business processes. 

Many businesses find that process management improves when they start making decisions based on data-driven insights. If your company hasn’t implemented data analytics, you can talk with a software consultant to get started. They can help you create a comprehensive data governance plan and platform to tap into data visualization and analytics.

Additionally, you may find that your processes are hindered by rigid, disparate data sources and opt for more adaptive data storage options such as data lake creation. Data lakes and data warehouses complement each other and can often work together to meet different needs within the business. Many data lakes are hosted in the cloud, but that isn’t the only advantage of cloud hosting. Cloud integration offers many benefits, including scalability, affordable implementation, improved accessibility and more. 

Optimize Business Processes with ERP Systems

If you are interested in system integrations, a custom ERP platform could be the solution your business needs. Enjoy centralized access to all your digital tools and experience the benefits of process automation and improved productivity for sales, planning and more. Combine your technology and resources into a single platform that can be accessed as a mobile version and integrated with your data lake. ERP systems are designed to assist with process management and resource allocation, allowing you to provide better service to your customers while optimizing your business processes.

In these next few weeks, businesses will determine how to adapt their processes and continue to move forward. Many industries will experience lasting effects. If you would like to optimize your business processes, reach out to 7T.

Whether you are interested in a CRM platform, ERP development, or another form of custom software, each platform that 7T develops starts with identifying clients’ unique challenges and pain points. If your company is ready for a digital transformation, you could benefit from software and technology consulting to determine the personalized solution that is right for you. 

Based in Dallas, 7T works with clients across the nation and beyond. To schedule a consultation session or to get started with your development project, reach out to our team today. 

Reach out to our team today!

Steve Parta

Steve Parta

Steve Parta is a Director of Business Development at 7T. He has over ten years of experience in sales and management. His specialty is working with 7T's data lake creation and data governance platform, Sertics, as well as its core business of Digital Transformation through custom software development.

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