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Custom Software Benefits: What Business Problems Can Bespoke Enterprise Development Projects Solve?

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There’s no shortage of options when it comes to the world of business software, but some companies find that “one size fits most” solutions just aren’t right for their needs. This can result in a cobbled-together patchwork approach to enterprise software, with staff using multiple software programs to get the job done. The end result is usually quite challenging to utilize due to a lack of efficiency, gaps in functionality and poor or limited integration between platforms. 

Software should work to your advantage; not to your detriment. Custom software benefits companies with unique needs that aren’t met by an existing software platform. Those who are using multiple poorly-integrated software platforms — that could be replaced with a single, fully-integrated system — can also benefit from a custom enterprise software development project. 

Falling into Complacency With Your Inefficient Business Software 

Humans are creatures of habit. Generally speaking, we tend to resist change — even when that change is clearly beneficial. It’s very easy to fall into complacency when it comes to your digital patchwork quilt of enterprise software. A company’s collection of disparate software systems arises over the long term. Some don’t even realize the extent of the inefficiencies until they’re highlighted by a newcomer or objective third-party. For instance, a business leader may not realize how convoluted their processes and procedures have become until they attempt to train a new arrival to the company’s C-suite. This is just one example of how the wrong software can drag you down. 

For companies that have a public-facing software portal, the negative impact of poorly-designed, outdated or just plain inefficient design can be difficult to fully appreciate. In fact, it’s not uncommon for business leaders to be delightfully surprised by an uptick in business following a complete overhaul of a publicly-accessible software platform. This is often accompanied by a reduction in the volume of questions and requests for support, freeing staff to focus on more productive tasks.

While others may be hesitant to pursue a bespoke software solution for financial reasons, it’s important to remember that a well-built custom software platform will bring significant ROI. So with this in mind, let’s look at the many custom software benefits and how a built-to-suit solution can solve problems within your business.

The Many Custom Software Benefits for Business — Resolving Your Company’s Pain Points

The benefits of custom software solutions are many and varied. The exact advantages that you’ll enjoy will vary depending upon your business type, company processes and other variables that may be unique to your operations. 

Resolving Poor Productivity

This is one of the most significant custom software benefits. Your developers will build an interface that works for your unique workflow, processes and needs. At 7T, we really take the time to familiarize ourselves with your company’s operations, inefficiencies / pain points and objectives, giving us the ability to build software that meets your needs — both today and in the future. So whether you’re building a one-of-a-kind CRM, custom ERP software or a mobile app / web app hybrid platform, you’ll enjoy greater productivity levels when you opt for customized software. This, in turn, elevates ROI and improves your bottom line. 

Enhancing Your Capabilities

Limited capabilities can prove especially frustrating in the business sphere, as no business leader likes to let an opportunity slip away. Fortunately, custom software platforms bring new capabilities and the ability to perform a wider range of tasks. In fact, these are among the most significant custom software benefits that you’ll enjoy. A custom-built platform gives you the power to expand your business in some very exciting ways. Ultimately, this is an investment that can bring new opportunities and more revenue to your company, while dramatically improving workflow. 

Forging New Integrations

It’s commonplace for businesses to use multiple software platforms in the course of their business. Sometimes, it’s simply not possible (nor desirable) to combine everything into a single platform. But in many instances, a company may require data to flow between different platforms. A custom software platform can leverage APIs and other technologies to achieve new forms of integration, including integrations between previously-unconnected platforms. When data flows between different platforms, this not only improves efficiency, but it may also drive new insights. Additionally, a well-integrated software platform allows you to avoid troublesome manual data transfers, while also eliminating any workarounds that were prompted by a complete lack of integration. 

Enhancing UI / UX

 An intuitive, user-friendly user interface (UI) will ensure a more positive user experience (UX). This is important for staff, who are far more prone to burnout when they’re left to battle clunky, outdated and inefficient software on a daily basis. Your software should work for you and with you — not against you. A positive UI/UX is even more critical if you’re replacing a public-facing portal, as a frustrating, inefficient or hard-to-use platform is one of the most common reasons that prompts a would-be customer, client or partner to take their business elsewhere. 

Bridging the Gaps During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted companies to shift their business models; quite significantly in many cases. A fair portion of these businesses are making permanent changes to the way they operate, prompting a need for new software solutions. Custom-made software can open the door to new, potentially-profitable opportunities in a world with COVID-19, while also accommodating the shifts in your company processes. 

Starting the Custom Software Development Process

The sheer number of software platforms that a company utilizes can make the transition to a single custom software interface seem a bit daunting. But an experienced team of developers can ensure a smooth transition as your new ERP, CRM or other custom software interface is built and implemented. 

At 7T, we specialize in digital transformation through emerging technologies, as we integrate cutting-edge solutions into virtually every development project that we take on. From mobile app development projects, to custom software such as a CRM platform or ERP development, we’re ready to deliver collaborative, multi-phased software development services.

7T has offices in Dallas, Houston, Chicago, and Austin, but our clientele spans far beyond Texas and the midwest. If you’re ready to harness the power of a custom software platform and today’s most innovative technologies, contact 7T today.


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Steve Parta

Steve Parta is a Director of Business Development at 7T. He has over ten years of experience in sales and management. His specialty is working with 7T's data lake creation and data governance platform, Sertics, as well as its core business of Digital Transformation through custom software development.

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