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The AI Impact on Software Development – How Artificial Intelligence is Changing the Development Process

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The artificial intelligence (AI) industry is expected to top $340 billion in 2021 and by 2024, that figure could surpass $500 billion. As artificial intelligence technology advances by leaps and bounds, we are continually considering new uses and applications for AI. This is certainly true of the mobile app and software development community, which has started to ponder precisely how artificial intelligence can be used to improve or even overhaul the development process.

The idea of using AI to develop mobile apps or software is rather intriguing. Just imagine inputting a few specs and in fairly short order, you have an AI-built software platform or mobile app. The potential would be virtually limitless, expanding beyond what we can imagine.

Artificial intelligence hasn’t advanced to this point quite yet. Suffice it to say that the resulting app or software platform would be…well…interesting, to say the least. But AI is already impacting the mobile app and software development process in some interesting ways.

Using AI for Mobile App and Software Prototyping

Natural language processing (NLP) — a branch of artificial intelligence technology — can be used as part of the prototyping process for apps and software platforms alike.

For instance, NLP technology can be used to gain a better (and rapid) understanding of users’ needs and intentions. This information is then used to develop a prototype — or multiple prototypes.

AI for Faster Software and Mobile App Development

Artificial intelligence technology can be used to expedite the development process by recommending segments of code. The functionality is similar to the autocomplete recommendations you encounter when typing. But instead of recommending words, the autocomplete offers up a block of code.

AI coding apps hold the potential to hasten the development process significantly, while minimizing human error.

AI App Testing and Error Correction

QA testing, GUI testing and testing for vulnerabilities and errors is a tedious yet essential part of the mobile app and software development process. AI-powered testing tools can run through the interface, identifying errors, vulnerabilities and other problem areas in a hands-off, automated manner.

Artificial intelligence allows these applications to go beyond merely identifying trouble spots; the technology can be used to actually correct those issues. This frees the developers, allowing them to focus on higher-level aspects of the software and mobile app development process.

Streamlining the Deployment Process with AI Technology

Artificial intelligence provides developers with greater control over the deployment process by identifying issues before the software or application is deployed and unveiled to the world.

In addition to spotting (and potentially correcting) deployment errors before they occur, AI technology can even help development teams to come up with more accurate deployment timelines. An AI-powered utility can examine a development team’s historical data surrounding coding, testing, and other factors that impact productivity. This data is then used to create a realistic and accurate development project timeline.

It’s clear that AI technology is already being utilized to increase productivity amongst mobile app and software developers. But many are wondering whether we could eventually land in a place where AI can build apps and software programs with very minimal human intervention. We’re not there yet, but the possibility of an AI-built app is interesting to consider.

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