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7T’s Development Partnership With SharpRank Mobile App Elevates Sports Betting By Providing Unparalleled Ratings and Credible Insights for Fans

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7T’s Development Partnership With SharpRank Mobile App Elevates Sports Betting By Providing Unparalleled Ratings and Credible Insights for Fans

DALLAS, TX — September 9, 2021 — Cutting-edge Dallas software and mobile development company 7T, Inc. has partnered with SharpRank Inc., to develop and release the SharpRank mobile app to the app stores, where sports fans are now leveraging SharpRank’s proprietary algorithm to gain credible insights, ratings data and key metrics as they prepare for football season.

“SharpRank is a true game-changer in sports betting for professionals and casual users alike, providing ranking data, analysis and other metrics in a user-friendly interface. The app offers insights they just can’t find anywhere else as they strive to improve their results,” explained 7T President & COO Shane Long of the cross-sport performance ranking app. He added, “This partnership provided an outstanding opportunity to apply advanced technologies such as data analytics, automated testing, and an innovative mobile design to the growing and exciting sports betting market. This collaboration was a lot of fun for the 7T team too.”

The SharpRank‘s proprietary algorithm ranks and comprehensively evaluates sports picks, based upon past performance from sports personalities — also known as “Sharps” — experts, algorithms and the general public. Past successes, combined with the aggregated picks for upcoming sporting events, has made SharpRank the industry standard as its first and only ratings agency. This innovative mobile app provides verified, easily-digestible insights into a Sharp’s strengths and tracks their record over time, while also offering leaderboards and comparisons of different high-profile personalities within the industry.

Available for iOS and Android mobile devices, users can log their own picks, track their own progress, compete with and follow Sharps and/or friends, build their brand and measure their sports betting capabilities against Sharps within the app interface. SharpRank supports a variety of different sports, including the NFL, MLB, CFB, NBA, NHL, with expansion into new markets — including CBB, Horse Racing, NASCAR, Golf, and European Soccer — coming soon.

“SharpRank is the sports betting equivalent of Morningstar for investors or U.S. News & World Report for higher education; that is to say, a go-to source for the ratings, verified analytics and credible data that’s essential for fans to make an informed decision,” explained SharpRank’s CEO Christopher Adams. He added, “SharpRank’s equivalent exists in every other market, proving that the transparency and market validation we provide is not just desired, it is necessary for the market to evolve.”

“SharpRank chose 7T due to their willingness to take on a fast-turn, multifaceted project and their ability to be a thought partner with innovative solutions — not just a creative vendor. Along with 7T’s vision alignment, the added benefit of their constant exposure to the Texas sports culture made this collaboration an easy decision,” said SharpRank’s COO and Dallas native Josh Cortez.

SharpRank has formed strategic partnerships with a variety of sports industry leaders, including Maven/Sports Illustrated, Betway, BetMGM, FUBO, TIPICO, Rush Street Interactive, EDJ Sports, and a few other undisclosed major industry outlets.

The SharpRank mobile app is available in the Apple App Store and in the Google Play Store.

To learn more about 7T, the SharpRank app and other innovative development projects, visit 7T.co.


About 7T
7T is a leading digital transformation company headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The company’s expertise spans the most advanced platforms including custom mobile apps, ERP platforms, CRM systems and other enterprise software solutions. 7T works with Fortune 500 companies, as well as innovative, emerging startups in a variety of industries. 7T uses a business-first approach to create cutting-edge mobile apps and custom software that deliver exceptional ROI and unparalleled user experience. To learn more, visit 7T.co.

About SharpRank
SharpRank is an independent cross-sport ratings agency for sports personalities or “Sharps,” bettors, predictive software and the general public. SharpRank’s platform is powered by a proprietary and holistic algorithm that rates Sharps based upon their performance over time, with audits performed for accuracy and transparency, making SharpRank’s platform the industry standard The platform provides market validation for successful Sharps and offers fans the opportunity to record their own picks, track personal progress, compete with friends, build their brand and measure their success against industry experts for free. To learn more, visit SharpRank.com.


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