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7T’s 7 Startups to Watch – Innovative Startups in Dallas and Beyond

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7T loves innovative startups and we’re always looking for new ways to spread the word about these up-and-coming companies. So we’re delighted to unveil 7T’s 7 to Watch feature, with a look at a few startups that are disrupting their respective industries with fresh, innovative business concepts.

Dottid - 7T's 7 Startups to Watch

Dottid has created an innovative platform for the commercial real estate leasing industry. This mobile app is designed to streamline the process with workflow management in a centralized, intuitive interface with digital lease documents, metrics and analytics, deal tracking and beyond.

SharpRank - 7T's 7 Startups to Watch

The SharpRank mobile app is transforming the sports betting niche. The SharpRank app features a proprietary algorithm designed to rank the accuracy of professional sports bettors or “Sharps.” In addition to tracking their favorite sharps, users can log their own picks and more.

Pickup - 7T's 7 Startups to Watch

We’ve all borrowed a friend’s pickup truck…but what if your friend traded in that truck for a sedan? Well, that’s where Pickup can help. Pickup is a mobile app that’s designed to connect off-duty firefighters, military personnel, veterans and other “good guys” who are available to help app users with a project, whether they’re moving across town or buying a new television.

Pt Pal - 7T's 7 Startups to Watch

Pt Pal is a multi-featured patient-clinician platform designed to provide patients with relevant health education materials and information about hospital resources. In addition, the app also provides healthcare facilities with a way to administer surveys and providing clinicians with tools to track patients in an effort to improve outcomes and increase revenues.

Fetch- 7T's 7 Startups to Watch

Fetch is a clever parcel solution that allows users to divert their parcels to a Fetch receiving center. The user can then schedule a delivery for a convenient time and place, This app allows users to dramatically reduce the risk of losses and damage due to weather and porch pirates.

Meowtel - 7T's 7 Startups to Watch

Cat owners can say goodbye to those catteries and kennels, because the MeowTel app makes it easy to book a reputable and insured in-home cat sitter. MeowTel makes it easy for cat sitters and cat owners to connect in a secure, easy-to-use mobile platform.

CoveredCare - 7T's 7 Startups to Watch

CoveredCare is a “buy now, pay later” financing option for the healthcare industry. CoveredCare allows healthcare providers to care for a broader range of patients, particularly those who are denied financing through traditional avenues.


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