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7T’s 7 Startups to Watch – Innovative Startups in Dallas and Beyond for Winter 2022

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7T loves innovative startups and we’re always looking for new ways to spread the word about these up-and-coming companies. So we’re delighted to unveil 7T’s 7 to Watch feature for winter 2022, with a look at a few startups that are disrupting their respective industries with fresh, innovative business concepts.

SharpRank - 7T's 7 to Watch - Dallas Startups

The SharpRank mobile app is transforming the sports betting niche. The SharpRank app features a proprietary algorithm designed to rank the accuracy of professional sports bettors or “Sharps.” In addition to tracking their favorite sharps, users can log their own picks and more. 

ConnectUs - 7T's 7 to Watch - Dallas Startups

ConnectUS has developed a dynamic and user-friendly employee relationship management platform, designed to facilitate one-on-one meetings, goal setting and a more engaged workplace. This mobile app platform positions relationships at the core of a company’s operations. 

StackSports - 7T's 7 to Watch - Dallas Startups

Stack Sports offers a complete league management solution, designed to equip teams, leagues and other athletic groups with all of the tools they need to succeed. Stack Sports offers everything from league management tools, to payments, recruiting, endurance and race timing, camps and events management, or even media and sponsorship opportunities. 

Slync.io - 7T's 7 to Watch - Dallas Startups

Slync.io has created a logistics technology platform in an attempt to solve many of the challenges and inefficiencies that exist within the industry. This SaaS  “logistics orchestration” platform offers end-to-end supply chain management solutions, including back-end processes like tracking, booking shipments and  monitoring, among other processes. 

TimelyMD - 7T's 7 to Watch - Dallas Startups

TimelyMD is a telehealth platform aimed at college and university students, faculty and staff, along with their family members. The institution administer the platform in conjunction with their existing on-campus health services for a seamless medical service offerings. The platform accommodates virtual appointments, including mental health and consults.

OneDine - 7T's 7 to Watch - Dallas Startups

In the era of COVID-19, where touchless solutions are the ideal, OneDine has come up with an innovative touch-free payment solution using high-tech sensors. This digital dining solution does not require diners to download an app and it pairs with most POS systems, making it an appealing and easy-to-implement option for restaurants.

Rosy - 7T's 7 to Watch - Dallas Startups

Based in Dallas, Rosy Wellness is a women’s reproductive health app, designed to promote greater awareness of sexual health, while simultaneously providing information and insights to aid in the decision-making process. Rosy Wellness goes beyond pairing users with information from reproductive health care providers; they also have a library of tutorials and lessons on a range of useful women’s health topics. 


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