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7T’s 7 Startups to Watch – Innovative Startups in Dallas and Beyond for Summer 2022

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7T loves innovative startups and we’re always looking for new ways to spread the word about these up-and-coming companies, especially those that are based here in Dallas! Here is 7T’s 7 to Watch summer 2022 edition, with a glimpse behind the curtain at a few fabulous startups that are disrupting their respective industries with a fresh, innovative approach to business.

Hidrent - 7T's 7 to Watch - Innovative Dallas Startups Summer 2022

Ready to extinguish your to-do list? That’s exactly where the Hidrent app can help! The Hidrent mobile app pairs off-duty firefighters with locals who are in need of handyman services and other help around the house. From gutter cleaning and hanging a ceiling fan, to moving furniture or installing a light fixture, Hidrent’s first responder are ready to assist.

Alto - 7T's 7 to Watch - Innovative Dallas Startups Summer 2022

Alto is a Dallas-based startup that promotes itself as the world’s first employee driver ride share company, with background checks and even driver training. What’s more, they plan to transition to all electric vehicles by 2023! Riders enjoy complementary water bottles and umbrellas, a plexiglass partition, HEPA air filtration, in-vehicle chargers, WiFi and more.

Kanarys - 7T's 7 to Watch - Innovative Dallas Startups Summer 2022

Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) is an increasingly prominent focus among business leaders. Kanarys acknowledges this with a platform that offers holistic DEI assessments, benchmarking and solutions designed to create systemic, long-term success when it comes to DEI challenges. Kanarys takes a data-driven approach to making workplaces more equitable and inclusionary.

AmplifAI - 7T's 7 to Watch - Innovative Dallas Startups Summer 2022

AmplifAI is an AI-driven performance enablement platform that is “applying science to make teams better.” AmplifAI strives to transform data into the data-driven actions that are typical of the top performers, thereby boosting employee retention and increasing productivity. The platform even integrates with the most popular enterprise software platforms for seamless deployment.

Meritize - 7T's 7 to Watch - Innovative Dallas Startups Summer 2022

Meritize helps individuals to secure student loans, even when their FICO credit score would be a limiting factor. By evaluating other merits and accomplishments, such as prior academic and military experience, Meritize offers improved financing options for those seeking to pursue a skills-based career, even if there’s no co-borrower.

Language Learning Market - 7T's 7 to Watch - Innovative Dallas Startups Summer 2022

Language Learning Market is a startup focused on educational resources in any and all languages. Users can shop resources or they can sell resources that they’ve developed, including educational games, lesson plans and curriculum, audiobooks, printable resources, arts and crafts, music and songs, and electronic learning resources.

Yendo - 7T's 7 to Watch - Innovative Dallas Startups Summer 2022

Formerly known as Otto, Yendo is an alternative to traditional and predatory car title lending. They offer fair, affordable credit lines based on vehicle equity, providing lower than average interest rates, without all the added fees. Yendo says its mission is to “bring access, transparency and clarity to the process of borrowing money when you need it most.” This Dallas-based startup has received support from Mark Cuban, amongst others, raising $4.5 million to fund the development of a mobile app that is scheduled to be released this year.


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