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Retail is Your Business Podcast: 7T CEO Kishore Khandavalli on AR Mobile App

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7T CEO and founder Kishore Khandavalli was recently featured in the “Retail is Your Business” Podcast to discuss how the Dallas software and mobile app development company is taking an innovative approach that will improve customers’ buying experience.

“7T is really focused on developing software solutions and mobile apps that are targeted to the client’s unique needs and objectives. Our goal is to create technology that will solve a problem or improve a process in a way that delivers a sizable ROI for the client,” Khandavalli explained about 7T’s overall approach to mobile app and enterprise software development process.

Fit Freedom Innovation

On the recent “Retail is Your Business” Podcast, Khandavalli discussed how the 7T development team recently created the Fit Freedom App, which has proven to be a game-changer for retailers, designers and garment manufacturers alike.

The Fit Freedom mobile app uses augmented reality (AR) technology to measure an athlete’s body for a perfect-fitting garment. This clothes fitting mobile app was developed to lower return rates for retailers, while helping garment manufacturers and designers to create clothing, costumes, uniforms and other garments that fit like a glove — no alterations required! It’s technology that can have a tremendously positive impact on the online shopping experience too, since customers enjoy a greater level of satisfaction with a well-fitting purchase.

Initially, the Dallas mobile app development company created the mobile app for Rebel Athletic, a cheerleading uniform manufacturer that has worked with high-profile names such as the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. Prior to the development of Fit Freedom, Rebel Athletic had to use fi-kits to determine the correct sizes of the uniforms. These fit-kits had to be mailed out to each cheerleading squad. The cheerleaders would then try on the various garments to determine their ideal size. Needless to say, it was neither efficient nor user-friendly process.

So 7T’s developers created an AR mobile app that would capture an individual’s exact measurements with precision accuracy. The first version of the Fit Freedom app required two people; one person operates the app as it’s measuring the second person. This two-person system worked well for a cheerleading team, but it was less than ideal for the everyday consumer. This prompted 7T to revisit the clothes fitting app, reworking it so that it can be operated by a single individual using a mirror. This revamp has made Fit Freedom a wonderful solution for retailers who are seeking to enhance the shopping experience, both online and in the store.

Check out the entire episode on Apple Podcasts — titled Kishore Khandavalli of 7T: Integrating Tech into the Buying Experience — or Spotify.

About the “Retail is Your Business” Podcast

The “Retail is Your Business” Podcast is a weekly podcast, exploring the intersection of technology, innovation and the business world — specifically, the retail industry. The show is designed for a diverse audience, from the small online retailer, to the national retailer with dozens of brick-and-mortar shops.

The hosts chat with a variety of guests, including industry insiders, startup founders, retail industry heavyweights and others to explore retail trends, strategies, insights, career journeys and the technology that’s driving the industry’s evolution.

Check out the “Retail is Your Business” Podcast on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

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