SharpRank Mobile App - Sports Betting Analytics App

7T’s Development Partnership With SharpRank Mobile App Elevates Sports Betting By Providing Unparalleled Ratings and Credible Insights for Fans

Cutting-edge Dallas software and mobile development company 7T, Inc. has partnered with SharpRank Inc., to develop and release the SharpRank mobile app to the app stores, where sports fans are now leveraging SharpRank’s proprietary algorithm to gain credible insights, ratings data and key metrics as they prepare for football season.

Continual Improvement as a Mobile App Development Strategy

Continuous Improvements as a Mobile App Development Strategy

Software and mobile app development is never a one-and-done type of project. Think of your mobile app or software as a dynamic, ever-changing digital entity that grows, evolves and improves over time.

But how do you know which mobile app features should be improved or which areas of a desktop software platform need an expansion? You can guess about what your users are doing or you can know what your users are doing with insights derived from product analytics. Often overlooked, software and mobile app analytics tools generate the user data that’s essential in the recipe for success.