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7T and Rebel Athletic Announce Release of Body Scanning Mobile App

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Dallas Companies Partner to Solve Common Clothing Sales Problem with Release of Augmented Reality Body Measurement App

DALLAS, TX — 7T and couture athletic clothier Rebel Athletic announce the release of Fit Freedom, an augmented reality (AR) body measurement application for retail clothing sales. The product is a joint development effort between the companies and it utilizes a smartphone’s camera to provide users with quick, simple body measurements.

While Fit Freedom is ideal for personal use, the product was originally designed to cater to team sports, employee uniforms, and other large groups that require custom-fitted clothing. Fit Freedom is capable of producing body measurements that are accurate within half of an inch and it solves a common business problem related to the costs associated with returns and exchanges.

Karen Noseff Aldridge, founder and president of Rebel Athletic, said “We are on the cusp of a future where any smartphone will scan a person’s body and convert that scan into accurate measurements to determine the person’s sizes, including length adjustments, across multiple product lines. Utilizing a complex algorithm, we are completely solving traditional, recurring issues that face every clothing sales business with technology that measures more accurately than a real-life tailor.”

The first app release includes advanced feature recognition and a machine learning algorithm that considers details such as hip to leg width ratios, shoulder to wrist length, and more. Fit Freedom integrates with many leadings CRMs like Salesforce, allowing team sales representatives to easily upload measurements for team and individual orders.

Shane Long, president of 7T, said “Fit Freedom solves a business problem that the world’s largest retailers have been trying to address for decades… How to reduce the volume of returns along with increase customer satisfaction. This sales enablement tool caters to an increasingly selective customer and empowers organizations and individual buyers to get the perfect fit every time either in-person or online.”

The app is currently being utilized by Rebel Athletic’s national sales team to scan and measure competitive cheerleaders and dancers for custom-sized team uniforms, practice-wear, warm-ups, and other retail items. For more information, please visit 7T.com and RebelAthleticCheer.com.

Fit Freedom Augmented Reality
Media Contacts:

7T, Inc.
Lacey Williams McGhee, Director of Digital Marketing

Rebel Athletic, Inc.
Abby Hoeffner, Vice President of Marketing

About Rebel Athletic: Rebel Athletic is the original, and fastest growing, global luxury couture cheer and dance uniform and athletic apparel company. Rebel offers the most highly customized and intricately detailed garments available in the cheerleading industry. For more information on team uniforms, visit RebelAthleticCheer.com. For more information on the Rebel athletic-wear retail line, visit RebelAthletic.com.

7T - SevenTablets, Inc.

7T - SevenTablets, Inc.

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