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Asset Tracking Apps: The Modern Inventory Solution

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When you run a business, you need to know where your inventory and equipment is at all times. Thanks to modern technology, you have a lot more tools to keep things organized. The following asset tracking devices will clean up your chaos.

Using Barcodes With Asset Tracking Apps

As you know, barcodes have been around for years. This technology allows a scannable label to be used on nearly any item. You can use a proprietary reader to check the items in and out, or you can use an asset tracking app to scan it with your device wherever you are – no strings attached.


Some barcodes or inventory labels have a built-in radio frequency chip that can alert you to changes in location. With these tags, you can use an app to identify any object in your inventory, even if it isn’t within your line of sight. This technology is often used in large farming operations to track cattle and in production facilities to track elements throughout the supply chain. For example, warehouses can use RFID tags to track specific items, including expiration dates and physical location, ensuring that stock is rotated and delivered efficiently.

Internet Location Services

Internet-connected devices can be located by pinging them and gathering their GPS coordinates. This is the technology behind Find My iPhone and vehicle location services, such as those in the new Cadillacs and BMWs.

More Asset Tracking Use Cases

Hospitals and doctor’s offices can use barcodes to track inventory of prescription medications and medical tools. Adding a barcode to a patient’s record or wristband helps ensure that patients get the correct medication in the correct dosage and tracks all other supplies used, such as IV fluids, blood, or plasma. RFID tags can help track controlled substances, providing location information or sounding an alarm when medications are taken out of the proper area. And RFID tags provide an easy way to keep babies safe as they move between the delivery area, nursery, and other hospital locations.

Schools can use barcodes, RFID tags and internet location services to track their valuable assets, such as computers and tablets that go home with students. If student IDs contain a RFID chip, they can be used to confirm attendance or help find a lost backpack in the school.

Law enforcement organizations can use barcodes and RFID to track evidence as it moves through the system, keep tabs on weapons and safety equipment, and track K-9 officers if they are separated from their human partners.

Because these technologies have been in use for a long time, costs have come down. Even individuals can take advantage of them. If you’re an Apple user, you probably have the Find My iPhone app installed. If you have kids, you’ve probably installed it on their phones, too. You can even use these services to track your pets through microchips and special ID tags. Asset tracking apps are often used in conjunction with barcodes, tags, and chips to easily improve organization and management.

We Help You Stay Organized

The applications of asset tracking technology are nearly limitless, no matter what type of business you’re in. And you can integrate your asset tracking tools into customer-facing apps that improve happiness and loyalty.

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