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Innovative Mobile App Ideas That Are Transforming the Industry

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As mobile technology matures, we see it used in increasingly innovative ways. Although there will always be a place for e-commerce apps and the Pokemon GOs of the world, we are inspired by developers creating apps that address life-changing problems and events. To that end, some technology conferences and developer contests are focusing solely on helping marginalized populations. Other developers are tackling universal problems such as the challenges associated with aging and memory loss.

Those considering creating an app or searching for a mobile developer to tackle their latest project can draw inspiration from these innovative mobile app ideas. Take a look at some of the groundbreaking work with these clever and innovative mobile apps. 


Mobile applications have proven particularly useful in the healthcare industry, and one great example is the SimpleC app. It’s designed to help people “age in place,” meaning that they continue to live in their own home rather than moving to a nursing home or assisted living facility as they age.

One of the more innovative app ideas for health and wellness, this application reminds users to eat healthily, hydrate properly, and complete other tasks that could be forgotten as their memory becomes less reliable. The app draws on family-approved content and medical records, and reports usage to family members and healthcare providers.

The SimpleC app also features customized, immersive video therapy sessions, which can provide an alternative to pharmaceutical treatments. The app connects with IBM’s Watson to suggest therapeutic exercises catered to the specific individual. SimpleC reports an average of 60% improvement in users’ behavioral symptoms related to memory loss within 30 days and a 95% reduction in the need for sedative drugs.


Another healthcare app to note is MediBookr. Based in Dallas and developed by 7T, this innovative app uses natural language processing (NLP) (similar to Siri or Alexa) to transcribe medical symptoms that users describe verbally. The app then takes the information and recommends healthcare providers who can treat the user. The recommendations account for their providers’ health insurance plan, and users are able to comparison shop for price and quality of care based on their existing plan.

This was the only locally-produced app featured in Premier Inc’s recent Innovation Celebration in Dallas. Medibookr was presented alongside offerings from industry giants like 3M and Siemens Inc.


Innovative mobile applications don’t have to be overly complex in order to be effective. Some developers use relatively simple apps but employ them in clever ways. NoAppFee is a good example of this technique.

One of the biggest challenges renters face when trying to move into an apartment comes during the application process. This is especially true for homeless people trying to change their situation. People with no money to spare often need to apply to multiple complexes and landlords, with a separate application fee for each, just to view a space. “I probably paid close to $500 in application fees. I’d say I was denied at least 10 times,” said app creator Tyrone Poole.

NoAppFee simplifies the process by connecting would-be tenants and landlords, with one upfront background check and a $35 application fee. NoAppFee has received a $125,000 grant from the city of Portland Oregon, which will launch a branded version called One App Oregon this fall. It’s innovative mobile apps like this one that hold the power to transform lives in some very positive ways.

Making Innovative Mobile App Ideas a Reality

Each of these mobile app ideas addresses a real need and helps make users’ lives easier. The most complex applications involve high-powered artificial intelligence (i.e. Watson) and other technologically advanced elements, such as natural language processing or augmented reality. However, even relatively simple apps like NoAppFee are a great reminder of how mobile apps can use technology to improve people’s well-being. We can’t wait to see and be a part of what comes next in this rapidly evolving industry.

If your company is searching for developers to turn your innovative app ideas into a reality, we’d like to hear from you. SevenTablet’s expert team of mobile app developers in Dallas, Houston and Austin works with clients in the Texas Triangle and nationwide, building innovative apps and helping execute their overall mobile strategies. Contact us today to discuss your app development project.


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