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How To Improve Your Mobile Strategy

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In today’s tech-centric world, a solid mobile strategy is critical to your company’s success. This is especially true for businesses that stand to see a major benefit from mobile apps and mobile-based engagements, including retailers and companies with consumer-facing apps. But as with everything in the tech world, the mobile sphere is constantly evolving. As such, it’s imperative that companies and organizations of all kinds revisit and refine their mobile approach on an annual basis to ensure maximum efficacy. So, what should you consider as you perfect your mobile strategy?

Revisit Your App’s Security Measures

As technology evolves and advances, so do hackers and malicious programmers who develop viruses, worms, bots and malware. Hackers are consistently discovering new vulnerabilities and holes that allow for exploitation. This can result in significant and costly damage to your app and your company’s reputation.

For these reasons, it’s critical for companies to thoroughly evaluate their security measures, from login and authentication to data encryption, geo-fencing and overall interface security. Concerns may be eased significantly if you trust your app development projects to a company that has extensive experience working with advanced security technology such as blockchain or building super secure interfaces such as Brigade.

Maximize Your App’s Engagement Level and User Friendliness

Your annual app review is a wonderful time to re-evaluate user feedback, questions/complaints and user data to determine how efficiently you’re engaging your target audience. It can be easy to assume that users will understand a particular feature or function, but in reality, you may find that a portion of your app is under-utilized or users are struggling to achieve a particular objective.

You can evaluate the questions and comments that have been submitted over the course of the year via your app. It’s also possible to add a screen that will actively solicit user feedback on their experience while engaging with your app. Plus, your app’s analytics are a valuable source of information on engagement and user experience (UX). The latter can be difficult to interpret if you’re unfamiliar with app development and UX, so it may be wise to consult with your developer or an experienced analyst who can examine and interpret the data.

Ensure Compatibility and Positive UX on New Apple Devices

Apple continues to reveal the latest models of their iPhone, which have remained tremendously popular, in part thanks to features such as facial recognition, multiple camera lenses, device connectedness,  and “reachability” that allows users to easily access the upper portion of the screen while holding a large device with one hand. With such viral appeal, it’s critical that your new and existing iOS or hybrid apps work in a streamlined, efficient manner on these newer devices.

The importance of this task is amplified if you have an Apple-centric user base, particularly when you consider that iOS users are generally more educated and more tech-savvy than Android users. This means Apple users are more likely to notice (and avoid) apps that lack optimization and compatibility.

It’s even possible to integrate new technologies into your app, like facial recognition for login and authentication. The iPhone X was the first iPhone to feature these capabilities, allowing businesses to support such features within their apps.

Reviewing Your App’s Monetization Strategy

App monetization is a tricky piece of the mobile strategy puzzle for many companies, as there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. A highly effective monetization method for one app may prove to be an utter failure for another app.

As such, it’s paramount that you revisit your app monetization models. You’ll first need to determine if you’ve met your financial objectives in the prior year; if you failed to meet these goals, then this issue is even more important. Then, identify which monetization techniques your app utilizes and determine precisely how efficient each monetization method was for your app. It’s also worthwhile to explore whether there’s another approach that could be more effective. While no new monetization techniques have been developed recently, it’s still prudent to re-evaluate the available options in this regard to ensure you’re using the best methods for your precise app type and target audience.

Integrate Cutting-Edge Technologies into Your App for an Enhanced Mobile Strategy

We have seen lots of buzz surrounding emerging technologies such as predictive analytics, augmented reality, video and natural language processing, amongst others. So if you’ve been considering adding a new function or feature, now is the time.

The aforementioned technologies have advanced to a point where they’re robust and many developers have had time to refine their development skills in these areas. This means that development costs are reasonable and the technology is far more advanced than it was just six or twelve months ago.

What’s more, these emerging technologies still have an element of novelty associated with them, so you’ll enjoy a benefit when it comes to marketing your app or increasing user appeal and engagement.

If you’re ready to begin development on a high-tech app for your business or organization, then you’ll benefit from working with the experienced team at 7T. Our developers have experience integrating a wide range of different technologies, such as augmented reality, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, machine learning, predictive analytics and blockchain. We’ll give you a leg up on the competition with a cutting-edge app that reflects the most current standards in the mobile world.

Based in Dallas, 7T works with clients throughout Texas—including Austin and Houston—and beyond. If you’re ready to discuss your project, contact our team today.


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