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CRM Mobile App Benefits: Building a Customer Relationship Management Portal

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Often, a customer relationship management (CRM) portal is a tool that is largely undervalued until you actually obtain one and realize the significant time and money savings. A CRM gives you the power to interact with customers and address their concerns and questions with ease, resulting in increased customer satisfaction, greater customer loyalty and ultimately, higher profits.

Today, many companies are taking the benefits of customer relationship management to the next level with CRM mobile apps. The benefits and capabilities of CRM mobile applications are many and varied, ranging from an elevated level of customer engagement to a reduced instance of human error and beyond. Let’s examine precisely how your business can gain a competitive edge from a custom-built mobile CRM portal.

A CRM Mobile App is Easy to Access and Use

Searching a company’s website for a CRM interface can be frustrating and time-consuming, but a dedicated CRM mobile app offers customers an easy-to-use portal that can be accessed by simply launching the application on a mobile device. User-friendliness is vital for a CRM portal and mobile apps deliver a streamlined UX like few other platforms.

A CRM portal app is not only convenient, but it also allows the customer to feel more informed and involved as your company works to address their query or resolve their problem. The net effect is less frustration, a higher level of satisfaction and ultimately, fewer customers who are lost due to dissatisfaction.

For instance, your mobile app developer could easily integrate an interface that automatically creates push notifications and updates the current status of a support ticket or case. These updates can be completely automated, which eliminates human error and ensures customers receive updates as soon as they become available. Chances are good that the customer is carrying their mobile device at all times, which means they can receive an update right away.

A CRM Portal is All-Inclusive and Minimizes Human Error

A well-crafted CRM mobile application is all-inclusive, providing a virtual environment where customers can submit and monitor a ticket, along with performing secondary or follow-up tasks, such as signing e-documents, asking additional questions, printing a return shipping label or paying a fee. This ease of use in a single, centralized location means there’s a better chance that customers will continue with their ticket or case until it reaches a favorable conclusion. This all-in-one CRM portal can also serve as a centralized location for a variety of in-house materials and resources. You can even integrate inventory and retail management functions.

The same is true for your company’s customer service team. Many companies use one portal to answer questions and address complaints, while using a different portal or software program for accepting payments, managing stock and assigning tasks or distributing information internally. Moving from platform to platform isn’t just time-consuming; it’s also a challenge for new employees, extending the time needed for training, and human error is more likely. This higher instance of human error can be attributed to a few factors, such as a lack of automation, which requires a human to manually input data or updates. It’s also relatively easy for a worker to be distracted while toggling between different software programs, which increases the chance of missed steps that could leave the customer in the dark.

Plus, a centralized CRM provides your company with an advantage in a technical sense, since you don’t have to worry about finding multiple stand-alone software programs or web-based portals that play well together. After all, compatibility can turn into a bit of a nightmare, particularly when it’s time to upgrade to new hardware. However, you can avoid the issue with a custom-crafted customer relationship management mobile app for your business.

Of course, you’ll need a developer who knows what it takes to create an incredible CRM app for your company. That’s precisely where 7T can help, as our developers are well-positioned to create a custom mobile app with a variety of features and technologies, such as augmented reality, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, machine learning, predictive analytics and blockchain. We’ll create an app that will help you gain a leg up on the competition.

Based in Dallas, 7T works with clients throughout Texas—including Austin and Houston—and beyond. If you’re ready to discuss your project, contact our team today.
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