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Is Big Data the Future of Enterprise Mobility?

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With the enormous amount of information being gathered by enterprises on a daily basis, it was only a matter of time before someone coined a term to refer to it by. That term is, of course, big data. But the existence of this huge collection of data also precipitated the creation of new methods of analyzing and utilizing the information amassed.

The result is an improvement in the ability of businesses to fine-tune their operations and marketing, an improvement so significant that not taking advantage of the benefits big data analytics offers will soon put enterprises at a distinct disadvantage with regard to their competition.

So to answer our own question, yes, big data is the future of enterprise mobility.

Information Influx

Enterprise mobility is one of the main reasons for big data’s existence, and it stands to gain the most from the interpretation of that data. With millions of mobile devices in use for business purposes, whether through a BYOD program or provided by the company, and millions more owned for personal use, data streaming in from all sides provides businesses with details on every move their employees or customers make.

For example, a trucking company might have an enterprise mobile app tracking geo-location data on their employees’ mobile devices, updating the information every few seconds. Imagine the insight that this company would gain from analyzing that data and then using it to make changes in their scheduling or routes to boost efficiency!

Big Data Analytics

The use of enterprise mobility for this purpose would provide such a dramatic ROI that this company would be foolish not to continue monitoring its mobile devices, and even developing new mobile apps to gain more information, in order to continue reaping the benefits of new actionable understandings gleaned from the process.

As another example, a company might mine data from a customer-facing enterprise mobile app regarding their products. By analyzing the pertinent big data set, they would be able to ascertain where their marketing efforts need to be tweaked, what’s effective and what isn’t within their mobile app, and even how to adapt their entire business strategy to better target their customers.

Driving Innovation

Innovation can be driven by the analysis of big data obtained through enterprise mobility, as well. New solutions can be developed to problems that hitherto had gone undetected. Operational improvements can be put in place that never would have been considered without the insight provided by big data. Customers can be reached out to in innovative ways, in response to their patterns of mobile usage. New mobile apps can be developed that are specifically geared towards gaining even more information with which to continuously improve.

Storing and processing these large data sets is rapidly becoming faster and easier, which is good news for the enterprise mobile apps that gather them. The future of enterprise mobility is indeed intertwined with big data, its collection, storage, and analysis all serving as an impetus to further mobile app development and increase business mobile usage, all in an effort to continuously improve operational efficiency while reaching ever more customers.

If you’re looking to develop an enterprise mobile app, 7T is ready to help. Our team takes great pride in our ability to leverage cutting-edge technologies in our custom software and mobile app development projects.

At 7T, managing data is another one of our specialties. Our product Sertics, is a data governance tool that allows businesses to create and manage data lakes. Sertics also integrates with leading analytics and data visualization tools, empowering businesses to glean the most insights from their data. To discuss your development project or to learn more about Sertics, contact 7T today.

Based in Dallas, 7T maintains regional offices located in Chicago and Houston. We work with clients worldwide in a variety of industries, so if you’re in search of an innovative development partner, we invite you to work with the team at 7T.

Reach out to our team today!

Kishore Khandavalli

Kishore Khandavalli

Kishore Khandavalli, award winning entrepreneur and experienced keynote speaker, founded 7T in August 2012 and leads the company as CEO. Under his leadership, the company has established key partnerships with IBM and SAP and after just a year of operation, in 2013, 7T placed as Finalist for the IBM Impact Award in Mobile Innovation.

When Kishore isn’t cultivating his teams of passionate thought leaders within the IT scene, as a licensed private pilot he enjoys playing in the clouds, community service, and being active in Dallas based Health Wildcatters. Furthermore, he is a devoted family man who places great value in spending time with his wife and two children.

Mr. Khandavalli earned a Master's degree from the University of Akron in Ohio.


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