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6 Ways A Private App Store Will Benefit Your Business

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Is your business venturing into the world of mobility? If you’ve developed an enterprise app and now need to develop a mobile app deployment strategy, you’ll be faced with many options and considerations. Read on to find out why having the ability to deploy apps through your own private app store is invaluable.

Once your company has developed a mobile app for use by its employees, one of the final considerations is how to deploy that app. Is it better to place it in one of the major existing app stores and allow employees to download it from those sites? Or does it make more sense to create your own private company app store, and retain control over every single aspect of your investment in enterprise mobility? While the Apple and Android app stores are very effective at distributing mobile apps to consumers, employee-facing enterprise mobile apps are a different animal altogether, and should be treated as such. Why is a private app store so beneficial to enterprises? There are a multitude of reasons, and we’ve listed six of them here.

6 Benefits of a Private App Store for Your Business

1. The company app store will contain only pre-approved enterprise mobile apps. When it comes time to send your employees to an app store to download your company’s enterprise app, a mainstream store can become the source of distraction, confusion and temptation. If your employees use company-owned mobile devices at work, they may be tempted to download non-approved apps at the same time, which can compromise both productivity and security. And even if you have a BYOD program in place, employees new to mobility may find navigating a large store to find your company app to be frustrating, and give up, shooting employee adoption in the foot before it has a chance.

2. A private app platform ensure all employees have the latest versions. Having control over your own private app store means that the only version of your app available for download at any given time will be the most recent, updated one. Large app stores may be slow to provide updates, or offer multiple versions at once, confusing employees as they search for the right app.

3. Private app stores allow for greater security. Managing your own store means that only the apps you approve make the cut, so there are no worries about potential viruses hidden in unfamiliar apps. And since only employees have access to your shop area, security breaches by non-employees are fairly unlikely.

4. Private app stores allow deeper access to user behavior data. Rather than only gathering data on user behavior once the app has been downloaded, a private app store allows enterprises to collect and analyze that behavior even within the store, and before download, which can provide clues to bolstering employee adoption.

5. They encourage employee adoption. Having a company app store conveys a feel of solidity and strength to a new enterprise mobility initiative. Its ease of use and its professional appearance make it simple to understand and get on board with.

6. A company app store allows for greater customization. The management of company app stores also allows companies to customize access, allowing certain programs to only be downloaded by certain employees with certain mobile devices. This customization makes navigation even simpler for employees, and ensures that each one gets the right application for their position. From boosting security to bolstering employee adoption, private application stores provide the most benefits for enterprises initiating mobility programs.

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Kishore Khandavalli

Kishore Khandavalli, award winning entrepreneur and experienced keynote speaker, founded 7T in August 2012 and leads the company as CEO. Under his leadership, the company has established key partnerships with IBM and SAP and after just a year of operation, in 2013, 7T placed as Finalist for the IBM Impact Award in Mobile Innovation.

When Kishore isn’t cultivating his teams of passionate thought leaders within the IT scene, as a licensed private pilot he enjoys playing in the clouds, community service, and being active in Dallas based Health Wildcatters. Furthermore, he is a devoted family man who places great value in spending time with his wife and two children.

Mr. Khandavalli earned a Master's degree from the University of Akron in Ohio.


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