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Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) technology is transforming the way we do business, emerging as must-have tech for many different industries, from e-commerce, insurance and finance, to the healthcare field, transportation and logistics and beyond.

As a top Dallas AI development company, 7T specializes in all facets of artificial intelligence, including computer vision (also known as visual AI) and extended reality (XR). We can also deploy AI solutions that are integrated seamlessly with your existing software infrastructure, including some of today’s most powerful AI tools, such as ChatGPT and IBM’s Watsonx.ai. Contact us today to discuss your Digital Transformation project with one of the top AI development service providers in Dallas, TX.

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what’s machine learning? and how is it related to ai?

A Top Charlotte AI Development Services Company

Machine learning and AI go hand-in-hand. Machine learning involves a process known as “training” whereby a sizable quantity of data is used to develop an algorithm. This ML algorithm can be used to drive artificial intelligence technology, determining how the AI behaves when confronted with certain bits of information. As such, machine learning is an integral part of the AI development process. 

Multimodal machine learning is one of our areas of specialty. This involves pulling data from multiple sources — instead of just one — during the ML training process, allowing for the creation of a more powerful and robust AI platform. 

At 7T, we have extensive experience in the fields of machine learning and AI development, enabling us to provide clients with a comprehensive range of Digital Transformation solutions to clients in Dallas, Texas and beyond.

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Below, you’ll find a few of our most popular posts on the topics of AI and machine learning. Don’t forget to check out our piece on how to create a business requirements document (BRD). Business requirements documents are essential for the success of a Digital Transformation project, whether it involves machine learning and AI, cloud solutions, process automations, or the development of custom software and mobile applications. You’ll also find content on what to expect and how to prepare for an artificial intelligence development project.

7T's digital transformation solutions emerge as a front-runner with our dallas ai development services

7T is so much more than just another Dallas AI implementation company. We’re your strategic partner in artificial intelligence development, providing you with the machine learning-powered AI solutions that you need to transform your business and emerge out front of the competition.

It all begins with a comprehensive evaluation of your business, its operations, challenges, and opportunities. With a deep understanding of your business strategy and objectives, we are well-positioned to develop customized machine learning models that will drive your custom artificial intelligence technology. Our goal is to deliver AI solutions that will drive productivity and generate a healthy ROI for your organization.

Let us serve as your Dallas AI development partner as you delve into the world of artificial intelligence. Your input and feedback will shape the development process, ensuring that the final AI solution aligns with your organization’s business strategy and vision for the future.

A Top Charlotte AI Development Services Company

machine learning and ai development expertise

By leveraging these core areas of expertise, our Dallas artificial intelligence development team can deliver truly exceptional technology; technology that will elevate your organization above the competition.

Multimodal Learning Expertise


Advanced Algorithm Design


Cross-Platform Development


Computer Vision Proficiency


Data Management & Processing


Large Language Model (LLM)


Natural Language Processing (NLP)


ML Ops & Auto-retrain Systems


Data Labelling


Dynamic Learning Models


AI Ethics & Responsible AI


Active Learning

dallas, tx ai development services ai tool implementations

Recent months have seen tremendous growth of AI COTS (Commercial off-the-shelf Software) technology, opening the door to significant opportunities for companies both large and small.

The accompanying infographic depicts the breadth of COTS AI tools that are available to our clients. Our Dallas artificial intelligence development experts are available to deploy solutions with these AI tools and many others.

7T AI ai case studies and success stories

Our clients range from well-funded startups to SMBs and massive global enterprises. This means that we’re well-positioned to meet all of your Digital Transformation needs with our Dallas AI development services and machine learning solutions.

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7T (also known as SevenTablets) is a Dallas Digital Transformation company, specializing in AI, machine learning and the development of cutting-edge business solutions. Beyond multimodal machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) development, we also specialize in enterprise software development, mobile app development, web app platforms, process automation, cloud solutions and DevOps, amongst others. We go beyond the role of a typical third-party service provider, taking on the role of a true business partner. 7T takes a "business first" approach to Digital Transformation, with business strategy guiding the development process. ROI is our currency as we solve hard problems with innovative Digital Transformations like machine learning-driven AI development solutions that propel clients to the next level.

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