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Tech Companies in Dallas: Why So Many Companies Are Calling DFW Home

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It is said that everything is bigger and better in Texas and it would seem that tech companies are no exception. With three of the most populated cities in the U.S. and home to the third most Fortune 500 companies, it is no wonder that the Lone Star State is a company headquarters hub.

Dallas, in particular, is home to a thriving tech scene, with top technology companies offering services ranging from telecommunications to IT and software development. Technology permeates nearly every industry and the companies that undergo a digital transformation are revolutionizing their markets. Like Houston and Austin, Dallas is also home to many startups and is a great place for entrepreneurs to bring their concepts to reality.

Why Tech Companies Move to Dallas

Reduced operating costs, lower cost of living and lower taxes are some of the biggest draws for companies making their headquarters in Dallas. With no state income tax and no corporate income tax, many are drawn to the Dallas tech scene and the surrounding DFW area. Texas does have a 0.75% franchise tax, but even with this, the corporate tax burden is rather minimal in Texas. Dallas has attracted multiple companies from California and other states over the past few years, including Core-Mark and Charles Schwab, both Fortune 500 companies. For tech companies in particular, AT&T and Texas Instruments are two of the largest companies with headquarters in Dallas.

What makes Dallas stand out is the entrepreneurial spirit and the opportunities available for those who work in the tech sector and beyond. The growing and ever-changing markets challenge companies to remain competitive and innovative by being visionary leaders. ~ Shane Long, President of 7T

Just this year, Dallas moved to the number two spot on the Tech Town Index, a list of top cities for tech professionals and the companies that employ them. Additionally, the Dallas area is said to have over 175,000 IT jobs available, a number that is projected to continue growing in the coming months and years.

Dallas Technology Companies Meeting Remote Work Challenges

Innovation drives new growth and the creation of jobs. Despite the economic hardships of the coronavirus this year, the demand for tech positions continues to increase. Tech companies are often uniquely positioned to offer work-from-home opportunities and have helped other companies to transition their offices to a remote working environment. Software companies are helping businesses move online or update legacy software systems, trading in disparate software, services and tools for a custom, unified solution. Many businesses are taking notice of how Dallas tech companies are operating and are looking to undergo digital transformations to improve their business strategies as well.

Benefits of Working With a Local Technology Company

So, when starting a development project, what are the benefits of choosing a local tech company rather than one with headquarters in another part of the U.S.? Over the course of a development project, you will spend a lot of time working with your chosen development company. They’ll talk with you to understand your vision and your business pain points to craft a solution that will meet your needs and deliver a top ROI.

A Dallas technology company is likely to know the local industries and markets, with unique insights into your business needs, an invaluable resource for custom software development. Their experience with competitors, past projects and other local clients will be assurance that you can proceed with confidence. Other Dallas businesses can serve as reference points for the development company and provide insight on what to expect from the development process. Additionally, whether you are interested in working with your development company remotely or meeting in person, the close proximity allows you both options without worrying about travel or time differences. 

Choosing a Trusted Dallas Development Partner

As a Dallas-based software development company, 7T has worked with many enterprise-level businesses in the DFW area as well as multiple Dallas startups. This year, we were honored to be named to the Dallas 100, a list of the fastest growing, privately held businesses in the Dallas Area. Our focus is to help our clients leverage the latest technology and custom software so they can succeed in their industries. If you are interested in working with a Dallas-based development company, reach out to 7T today.


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Steve Parta

Steve Parta is a Director of Business Development at 7T. He has over ten years of experience in sales and management. His specialty is working with 7T's data lake creation and data governance platform, Sertics, as well as its core business of Digital Transformation through custom software development.

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