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Mobile Development is Ready for Video

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Between 2015 and 2020, the consumption of video content will grow from 20 to 75 percent of worldwide Internet traffic. Videos can be used on social networking sites and company websites, but mobile developers can and should incorporate video into apps, too.

Unfortunately, the competition for attention will grow as the demand for videos increases. Business leaders need to understand a few things about the nature of mobile videos in order to create effective products that stand out in the crowds.

What to Know About Mobile Video

Brands have no choice but to compete for mobile views. It’s important to understand the nature of mobile content in order to create effective videos. The following should help clear up some common misconceptions about mobile video use:

  • Videos don’t necessarily need to be short to engage users. In fact, as mobile screens have grown in size and clarity, the demand for longer content has risen. Content providers need to do some research to determine a good length for the videos that they plan to put out for different uses. For example, a short teaser video might be best for social marketing while longer content might keep visitors engaged with a website.
  • Mobile screens are becoming the main screen for many consumers. In fact, the use of mobile devices for watching videos has surpassed that of traditional computers. With certain kinds of content, it even outpaces TV. This should provide some good news for marketers—it’s usually much cheaper to release videos online than on TV.
  • Some companies hesitate to add more video content because they have outdated notions that it consumes too much data. It’s true that mobile users may have data plans, but most just revert back to 3G when all of the 4G has been used. Besides, mobile users usually try to use their devices with Wi-Fi when possible. While it’s a good idea to optimize videos, concerns over data usage shouldn’t be overwhelming.

Get More Mobile Traffic for Your Business

At 7T, we help clients maximize mobile traffic. We can do this with videos or a number of other mobile technologies that will attract today’s consumers.

Based in Dallas, 7T maintains regional offices located in Chicago and Houston. To discuss your development project, contact the team at 7T today!

Reach out to our team today!

Lacey Williams-McGhee

Lacey Williams is a marketing professional and Harvard graduate student living in the great state of Texas. When she's not working at 7T's headquarters, she can be found on the next flight to the Bahamas, hanging out with her husband and fluffy golden retriever, or studying! Lacey earned a B.A. in journalism from Baylor University. Sic 'em!


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