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How to Find System Integration Services

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Selecting a system integration services provider is an important decision, as you will want to work with a company that can deliver the highest quality work possible. System integration refers to the process of unifying digital components into a single system, updating outdated legacy systems and transferring systems to the cloud.

System integration providers offer services such as consulting, designing, engineering, managing, installing, training and maintaining these services for your business. The right system integration consultant can create code in a variety of programming and scripting languages. However, the system integration process is tricky, so it’s wise to be careful when choosing a company to work with. Here’s how you can get started.

Be Picky About Your Selection Criteria

You will want to research the system integration space and learn how successful a company’s previous projects have been. A systems integration services provider with range can go a long way, as your pick should have a good track record in your particular field. The company should also offer a wide range of options so the process will be tailored to your unique business.

The company you pick should have a staff that is experienced enough to handle the many moving parts your project will require. You may want to consider which system integration providers have helped other companies in your industry. After you learn who is leading the charge in your particular niche, you’ll want to find a system integration services provider that can match your vision.

Create a Set List of Expectations

The next step is to define your objectives in a clear, focused manner. Create a list of what exactly you’re hoping to achieve and compare your goals with the products and services offered by the system integration services providers you’re considering. After creating your business plan and examining the available options, you’ll be able to identify a shortlist that fits your needs.

After comparing various companies, ask them for references and examples of projects they have completed. Make sure the potential system integration services providers have the equipment and manpower in-house to complete your project within your desired time frame.

Compare and Contrast System Integration Services

Be wary of companies that over-promise. If a provider says that handling your integration project will be simple and easy, make sure it actually is. They should be able to explain why it’s simple, walking you through how they will help you reach your goals.

It is important that they understand your requirements and how much it will cost. When you do find providers who are familiar with your requirements, compare prices and make sure you’re getting your money’s worth. Spending a little extra is worth it if your provider will provide better work.

Also, see if the integrator considers how the initiative will impact other areas of your business. These could include new components that would improve the efficiency of your operations, automating tasks and suggesting new ways of connecting your brand with clients. A company that takes a comprehensive approach is preferable to one that uses a set template to carry out their work.

Ask Key Questions

Your system integration services provider needs to offer you an integration process that matches your systems and goals. As such, you’ll want to ask yourself a lot of questions throughout the process of choosing an integrator, including:

  • Is your integrator asking questions about your project? This could be a good sign, as it indicates they are interested in creating a customized systems integration plan rather than simply following a template.
  • What is the company’s culture like and how does it line up with your business’ culture? There should be a sense of mutual respect and collaboration from top to bottom.
  • What are the team members’ backgrounds? It’s best to work with a well-rounded team. This may mean working with an integration team made up from members with a variety of different backgrounds, although you’ll still want to be sure they have experience in your industry.
  • How has the company dealt with unforeseen challenges in the past? It’s a good sign if your integrator has experience with a wide range of technologies since they will likely have more creative solutions to any challenges that arise.
  • How can the integrator assist me moving forward? Look at how your system integration services provider will aid you in the long-term with upgrades and routine maintenance checks.

Once you ask yourself all these questions and research your system integration services provider, you should have a good idea of where you’d like to go with your project. The goal is to find a team with a professionally diverse background coupled with the equipment, manpower and technical expertise to handle your system integration.

The team at 7T offers system integration services for a variety of industries. We take a “business first” approach, making sure we’re helping you achieve your unique business goals. In addition, we are experienced with various emerging technologies, including augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, blockchain and natural language processing.

7T is headquartered in Dallas. However, we also work with clients in Austin, Houston, and beyond. If you’re ready to begin the systems integration process, we invite you to contact us today.

Reach out to our team today!

Shane Long

As COO and President of 7T, Shane Long brings experience in mobility that pre-dates the term “smartphone” and the release of the first iPhone. His work has helped revolutionize the growth of mobility by bringing to market one of the first graphics processors used in mobile phones, technology that after being acquired by Qualcomm lived well into the 4th generation of smartphones, as well as helped pioneer the first GPS implementations in the segment. With a strong engineering and business background, Shane understands how the rise of mobility and Predictive Analytics is crucial to greater business strategies geared toward attaining competitive advantage, accelerating revenue, and realizing new efficiencies. As the leader of a B2B mobility solutions provider, he partners with business leaders including marketers and product developers to leverage enterprise mobile applications, big data and analytics, and mobile strategy.

Shane earned a B.S. at Texas A&M (whoop!) and studied mathematics as a graduate student at Southern Methodist University.


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