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New Healthcare Mobile App Leverages Data Analytics in the OR

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7T Develops Healthcare Mobile App Allowing Medical Professionals to Leverage Data Analytics in the OR

DALLAS, TX, November 18, 2020Cutting-edge Dallas software development company 7T, Inc. has deployed a one-of-a-kind healthcare/medical mobile application developed exclusively for MPOWERHealth. The enterprise iPad app is intended to eliminate the need for paper in operating rooms, resulting in greater efficiency and improved visibility of key data points to enable better patient care. 

7T developed this enterprise medical app for MPOWERHealth with the objective of allowing for backend integrations with a wide variety of applications and software platforms. In addition to serving as a patient data metrics platform for the OR, this innovative healthcare app has the power to collect and process data in a way that provides healthcare professionals with data-driven insights. 

“This medical mobile app holds the power to change the way that healthcare professionals leverage data metrics in the operating room. MPOWERHealth will now be able to collect large volumes of data that can be used to develop insights that will allow for improved patient care and more positive outcomes,” said 7T President Shane Long.

Eliminating the use of paper in the OR reduces the use of non-sterile items, which can pose a risk to patient health. Beyond this, utilizing this iPad app provides physicians and surgeons easy access to patient data, allowing for more comprehensive patient care. 

“The incorporation of 7T technology in the hands of our national clinical workforce will enable new efficiencies for our OR teams and will further propel our organization toward our mission of creating real-time predictive models for surgical outcomes as well as gathering new and unique insights around quality in the operating room,” said Scott LaRoque, founder and chief executive officer of MPOWERHealth. 

The development team included data privacy controls to ensure medical professionals have the ability to maintain patient privacy in full compliance with HIPAA regulations. The iPad app was also designed to accommodate future feature expansions, including additional software integrations.

About 7T, Inc.

7T – also known as 7T, Inc. – is a leading digital transformation company headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The company’s expertise spans the most advanced platforms including custom mobile apps, ERP platforms, CRM systems, Snowflake and cloud data solutions, data governance tools and other enterprise software solutions. 7T works with Fortune 500 companies as well as innovative, emerging technology businesses in a variety of industries. 7T uses a business-first approach to create cutting-edge business solutions that streamline operational efficiencies and accelerate revenue. For more information, visit 7T.com.

About MPOWERHealth

MPOWERHealth is dedicated to empowering better health care through innovative solutions for specialty physicians, hospitals and payors. Its services include integrated physician networks that support collaboration between neuromusculoskeletal physicians to promote quality improvements; best-in-class intraoperative neuromonitoring and surgical assist services for physicians, hospitals, health systems and medical facilities; and bundled solutions for payors and employers that create direct access to the highest level of conservative spine care at a set cost. Based in Addison, Texas, MPOWERHealth serves more than 400 physicians, 40,000-plus patients annually and more than 300 facilities in 24 states. For more information on the company’s service offerings, visit MPoweringHealthcare.com.


7T - SevenTablets, Inc.

7T is a Dallas-based digital transformation and technology consulting company, specializing in custom software, mobile app development and cloud services. Their innovative solutions empower high-growth startups to accelerate revenue and equip Fortune 500s with the tools they need to streamline operations and achieve untethered scalability. With a unique Business-First approach, they partner with clients to challenge assumptions and deliver technology solutions with a 5-10x ROI. 7T's highly innovative team has launched over 100 successful projects by becoming ingrained within the client’s operations and company culture.


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