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Enterprise Software UX Design: What You Need to Know

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User experience (UX) is everything in the development world. This factor alone will largely determine the success of a software platform, including ERP software, CRMs and mobile applications. While consumer-facing apps and software bring concerns over UX due to user retention and saleability matters, enterprise software is associated with a very different concern: hard-to-use platforms don’t bring the ROI that company leaders expect.

The overarching purpose of an enterprise software program or mobile app is to provide an easy-to-use platform that improves efficiency and productivity. The software should streamline operations and ultimately reduce the amount of work required to get the job done. Unfortunately, if software has a poor UX design, companies find that their operations are actually less efficient. In short, a badly-crafted enterprise software platform could be costing you money!

So what makes a good enterprise software UX design? And how can you ensure that your new software program or mobile app has a user interface (UI) that is conducive to productivity and efficiency? Consider the following enterprise software development best practices surrounding UX.

Finding an Enterprise Software Developer That’ll Take the Time to Understand Your Company’s Operations

First and foremost, you must start by searching for an enterprise software developer. A good developer will have the available time and resources required to get a full understanding of your company’s operations. Understanding your company’s processes, workflow and order of operations is essential for the development of a platform with a UI that is easy to use and navigate.

At 7T, we routinely dispatch team members—and even our company leaders—to spend time on-site with our clients at key points in the enterprise development process. We’ve found that this is the most effective method for gaining an accurate understanding of how a company operates and how various users will interact with the platform. Only then can we develop enterprise software and mobile apps that meet a client’s needs and complement their company’s unique operational workflow.

Describing your workflow and needs can only go so far for a complex piece of enterprise software. These applications are typically used by staff in many different departments and positions. This means that there are multiple user types, each with unique processes and needs. To ensure good UX design, your developer needs a deep understanding of how the software will be utilized by each user. This takes time and resources that not every enterprise software development company has available.

Developing an Enterprise Software Platform That Reflects User Processes

Effective software development teams develop an accurate idea of how various users will be interacting with the platform. Then, they develop an architecture that makes sense for the users and aligns with the company’s overarching objectives.

The developers will need to evaluate the platform in a few different ways:

  • What processes will the users be performing with the software?
  • What different permissions are required to give each user type an appropriate level of access, without compromising security?
  • Will the software need to integrate and interact with third-party platforms or software programs? If so, what is the nature of each interaction?
  • Is the interface configured in a way that makes sense to users? Does the interface support the most effective order of operations?
  • What security measures are necessary? And how can those security features be implemented in a way that does not adversely affect user experience?

These are a few of the key questions that your development team will address as the software is built. A good software developer should revisit these points during each phase of the project to ensure everything remains on track.

Ensuring Strong Enterprise Software UX With Comprehensive QA Testing

Virtually every good development company offers some degree of QA testing for the software it creates. But only a portion of software development firms have UI/UX testing experts on-staff. A few thorough rounds of QA testing will ensure that an enterprise platform is free of glitches and issues that result in a poor user experience and decreased productivity.

Many enterprise software programs and mobile apps can benefit from closed beta testing with a select group of end-users. Feedback from these users will lead to some very useful insights that can be leveraged to maximize the platform’s usefulness. Closed beta testing can also minimize the number of UI/UX alterations that are required shortly after the software is completed.

An experienced team of UI/UX designers and QA testing experts can create an enterprise application that simplifies and streamlines a company’s operations. A good piece of enterprise software will centralize operations in a single user-friendly interface that is fully integrated with the company’s data lakes and third-party platforms.

At 7T, we take great pride in our approach to enterprise software and mobile app development. We believe in creating well-architected software with an intuitive, user-friendly UI/UX. Our specialties include app testing, data governance and mobile security, along with technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). This means we’re well-positioned to create a custom software platform that will meet your unique needs.

7T is based in Dallas, and we also have regional offices located in Houston and Austin, Texas. If you’re ready to develop an enterprise application that maximizes your ROI, contact the team here at 7T today.

Reach out to our team today!

Chase Uvodich

Chase Uvodich is the leading UI/UX designer at 7T (SevenTablets, Inc.) Chase has designed several of 7T's most successful apps through his unparalleled understanding of user experience and outstanding creative direction.

Chase holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from the Savannah College of Art and Design.


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