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The Benefits of Apple Watch Apps for Business

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The purpose of the Apple Watch has grown and expanded since the first iteration was released in 2015. Today, a vast variety of apps are offered to bolster the weather, messaging features, and health and fitness capabilities provided by earlier models. Current predictions are targeting Fall 2021 as the release of the Apple Watch 7, alongside the annual release of Apple’s latest iPhone. Companies who have existing enterprise apps or those looking into custom mobile app development would do well to consider a wearable app in 2021.

The 2020 release of the Apple Watch Series 6 brought blood oxygen level and ECG measuring capabilities, along with sleep monitoring and an “always on” display. But healthcare is far from the only industry that benefits from Apple Watch apps. Cellular capabilities are empowering more users to leave their phone behind on runs or in the workplace, with the ability to track and even respond to important notifications through the watch interface itself.

As with any Apple device, connectivity is key. Apple Watches aren’t meant to compete with the capabilities of an iPhone or iPad, but rather bolster and complement their features in an easy to access way. The same can be said for your mobile strategy when you choose to develop an Apple Watch companion app for your iOS mobile app.

Enterprise Apple Watch Apps

Family Setup from watchOS 7 allows even those without iPhones to experience the capabilities of an Apple Watch, with one device serving as the central manager using the Apple Watch app. Consider the possibility of outfitting your sales team with a connected experience, ensuring that they have the resources they need right at their wrist.

Apple Watches enable users to quickly and discreetly monitor incoming notifications to verify their importance and urgency, perfect for meetings or consultations. Family Setup is not required to improve your team’s operational efficiency, however. Consider these benefits of Apple Watch apps for your business:

  • Enjoy easy access to information, messaging and calling capabilities, enabling quick responses and empowering greater productivity. 
  • Automate common tasks by connecting to shortcuts that are set up on your iPhone or iPad device.
  • Arrange interface elements on your watch display with customizable complications and share your designs with others.
  • Trigger targeted notifications and promotions based on relevant user interaction.

The capabilities listed above are just the start of the many Apple Watch app benefits for your business. Let’s examine key categories and features of Apple Watches and Apple Watch apps to determine which features to include in your enterprise companion app.

Examples of Current Apple Watch App Categories

Regardless of your industry, these key features and Apple Watch apps are a good starting point when examining the capabilities of this wearable technology.

  • Tracking and Monitoring – From daily steps and exercise to vitals and sleep, Apple Watches are known for their tracking and emergency features.
  • Wellness Apps – Promote wellness with breathing and mindfulness apps, monitor your health, or take your fitness to the next level with exercise and sports training apps.
  • Practical Needs – Check the weather, clock, and calendar, set a timer, take notes, consult a compass or navigation app, utilize calculator and translation apps, or take pictures with the camera trigger and viewfinder features. 
  • Money/Finances – Utilize secure payment capabilities through Apple Pay and budgeting assistance with financial apps.
  • Messaging – Integration with messaging, calling, email, social media and other phone notifications.
  • Entertainment – Access to music, podcasts and audiobooks with apps like Spotify, Pandora and Audible.
  • Siri – Your favorite Apple personal assistant, right on your wrist.

As you can see, Apple Watches elevate the concept of a watch to a whole new level and open up a world of possibilities for your business.

Could Your Business Benefit From an Apple Watch App?

Whether you have an existing iPhone or iPad app or not, consider how your business could benefit from the development of an Apple watch companion app. Apple shares that watchOS app development is “easier and quicker than ever” with Xcode 12 + SwiftUI. 

Apple Watch apps can supplement your current mobile strategy by providing customers with an easy access touchpoint for your business. The following considerations will help you develop a framework for determining the capabilities of your Apple Watch app.

Developing an Apple Watch Companion App for Your Business

Due to the small device screen and interface, Apple Watch apps must be simple and practical. As such, they are best suited for “on-the-go” needs. Customers are increasingly expecting personalized and timely interactions with businesses. You can meet and even exceed their expectations if you stick to core functions that are purposeful, thought out, and easy to interact with. Any additional complexity or too recurrent notifications could become irritating, so UI and UX optimization is key. 

If you have an existing enterprise mobile app, identify its basic features and functions to form the basis for your wearable app. If you don’t have a current mobile app, consider what features could improve the lives of your users at the touch of a button. Apple Watch apps should also be developed with Handoff features in mind, easily integrating with your existing or future mobile app. Handoff allows users to seamlessly transition between devices, picking up right where they left off. Though Apple Watch apps are great for basic functions, when a task becomes more in-depth — requiring the use of a keyboard for instance — simply transition to your iPhone, iPad or laptop.

In Part II of our article, we’ll explore industry examples and applications of Apple Watch apps as well as what is in store for the future of wearable apps.

Read Part II: Develop an Enterprise Apple Watch App for Your Business

Develop an Apple Watch Companion App

Apple Watch apps offer many benefits for businesses, whether they provide services to their clients directly or equip internal teams with the technology they need to improve their business processes. If you are interested in developing an Apple Watch App and/or custom mobile app, the team at 7T is ready to help. We develop innovative mobile apps and enterprise software platforms for businesses looking to transform their industries. To discuss your development project, reach out to the team at 7T today.


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Shane Long

As COO and President of 7T, Shane Long brings experience in mobility that pre-dates the term “smartphone” and the release of the first iPhone. His work has helped revolutionize the growth of mobility by bringing to market one of the first graphics processors used in mobile phones, technology that after being acquired by Qualcomm lived well into the 4th generation of smartphones, as well as helped pioneer the first GPS implementations in the segment. With a strong engineering and business background, Shane understands how the rise of mobility and Predictive Analytics is crucial to greater business strategies geared toward attaining competitive advantage, accelerating revenue, and realizing new efficiencies. As the leader of a B2B mobility solutions provider, he partners with business leaders including marketers and product developers to leverage enterprise mobile applications, big data and analytics, and mobile strategy.

Shane earned a B.S. at Texas A&M (whoop!) and studied mathematics as a graduate student at Southern Methodist University.


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