Is Technology Good or Bad?

The Great Tech Debate: Is Technology Good or Bad?

A data lake can prove to be an essential component of your company’s data management strategy. As a secure, well-organized data storage repository, data lakes will collect and store your company’s information for years to come. But many business leaders are unfamiliar with the data lake creation steps and process, which makes them uncertain of what to expect.

Healthcare Technology for Geriatric Patients

Healthcare Technology for Geriatric Patients

Advancements in technology are often geared toward improving a certain area or aspect of our lives. As such, technological advancements have been closely linked to healthcare, due to the direct impact they can have on quality of life. Emerging technology is finding more and more applications for supporting the health and well-being of its users.…

Biometric Data Security

Biometric Data Security Issues, Vulnerabilities and Solutions

Biometric data has long been a controversial approach to data security. However, it is also a popular one. Survey data indicates that 86 percent of organizations will utilize some form of biometric authentication technology by 2020. This number points to an increasing trend from the 62% of companies who were using biometric authentication technology in…