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The Advantages of Cloud Data Management Solutions Like Snowflake

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The cloud has become an integral part of the world’s technology lexicon over a fairly brief time span, and for good reason: there are many benefits of cloud data management, cloud hosting, cloud computing and other cloud-based technologies. So how do cloud data solutions work and what are the advantages of cloud data management for your business or organization?

How Does the Cloud Work? 

The cloud is a distributed network of computing and data resources, spread across the globe. Instead of centralizing all of your data or computing processes on a single server in a single location, you leverage servers and processors worldwide. This allows for much faster speeds and improved performance since a user will be leveraging a resource that’s close to their physical location. 

Choosing a cloud services provider like Snowflake, provides you with access to an expansive network with resources in geographical locations that will benefit your company’s operations. 

Notably, the cloud can be used for virtually any development project, whether it’s a secure private cloud network, a data storage and data processing platform, cloud hosting solutions or cloud computing. 

The Benefits and Advantages of Cloud Data Platforms 

When deciding whether to opt for a traditional or cloud-based server, hosting solution or computing platform, most companies and organizations find that the cloud is, by far, the better option. Let’s look at some of the examples, applications and benefits of cloud data platforms.

Security — Security is clearly a major concern for many companies and organizations, but today’s cloud resources can be configured in a manner that is highly secure. An experienced developer can add functionalities such as geofencing, encryption and many other features that may be required. Reputable cloud solutions providers such as Snowflake have a great track record of providing secure cloud storage, data services, cloud hosting and cloud computing. 

Cost — Cost is among the top considerations when exploring cloud solutions. Cloud services almost always carry a lower cost when compared to traditional solutions. This is due to the fact that users are charged for only the resources they use; no more, no less. 

If we examine traditional hosting, computing or data storage, you need to buy and maintain the requisite hardware. This occupies physical space and requires employees with extensive knowledge on how to configure and maintain your resources. What’s more, you may not use all of the available server space or computing power; this means you’re paying for more resources than you really need. Cloud solutions provide a more affordable option since there’s no hardware-related overhead and you pay for the exact resources that you’re utilizing. 

Scalability — Cloud platforms are extremely scalable since you can upsize or downsize as needed. With traditional resources, the cost of maintenance rises as demand increases, whereas with the cloud, many service providers offer a discount as you use more and more resources. Scaling in either direction is simple when you leverage the cloud — a great point for organizations and companies that are constantly evolving. 

Speed and Performance — Since cloud servers and cloud computing solutions leverage a distributed network, users enjoy access from anywhere, anytime. Users are no longer tethered to the office or required to log onto a private on-premises server. The cloud features much greater speed and superior performance when compared to traditional resources, resulting in better productivity and improved user experience. 

Leveraging the Many Advantages of Cloud Data Platforms Such as Snowflake

If you’re ready to leverage the power of the cloud, you’ll need a digital transformation and development team that has experience with cloud data platform configuration and cloud integrations. At 7T, we’re part of the Snowflake Service Partner Network, which means we’re recognized for our expertise with Snowflake cloud solutions. Whether you’re seeking to use cloud hosting for mobile apps and software platforms, cloud data solutions or cloud integrations, 7T’ss team has the experience required to make it happen. We also deal in a range of other technologies, including CRM development, ERP development and beyond.

7T has offices in Dallas, Houston, Chicago, and Austin, but our clientele spans the globe. If you’re in search of innovative digital transformation experts to help your company evolve and advance, contact 7T today.

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Alex Drozd

Alex Drozd served as 7T's Director of Business Development in Houston, Texas. Before joining 7T, Alex gained eight years of experience advising clients on cloud storage and data management solutions leveraging AWS, Google Cloud, Azure and other tools. He holds a Bachelor of Communications from Clemson University. When he’s not making magic happen for 7T’s clients, Alex can be found exploring the city with his wife, 2-year-old daughter, and their large fluffy dog, Sally.

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