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7T’s Foundation Program Will Get Your Development Project Off the Ground

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Starting a new custom software development or mobile app project can include many roadblocks and challenges. In fact, simply getting the ball rolling can be the most difficult aspect of the project, particularly for companies that have never worked with a development company on this sort of endeavor. The task of fleshing out the requisite app / software development project requirements document can discourage some from moving forward; The complexity can make company leaders feel as though the project is simply too challenging.

The custom software and mobile app development process can appear to be even more daunting in cases where you’re uncertain of what constitutes a realistic budget, timeline and project scope. You may not even be 100% positive that your project is fully viable from all perspectives.

This is precisely where 7T’s team of experts can help with our Foundation Program, which is designed to provide qualified applicants with the guidance and insights they need to succeed with a mobile app or custom software development project.

“We’ve launched over 100 different platforms for well-established companies and we’ve worked with multiple successful startups. This experience places 7T in a wonderful position to provide guidance to prospective clients who are uncertain of where to begin,” explained 7T President Shane Long.

How Does 7T’s Foundation Program Work?

The 7T Foundation Program is fairly straightforward. Our expert team will work with representatives from your company or organization to offer guidance as you prepare to choose a developer and start the app or software development process.

Let’s explore how 7T’s Foundation Program works, along with some of the advantages and insights you’ll gain as a result of working with 7T’s team on the multi-week collaboration.

Exploring Your Needs and Project Scope — The first step to a successful development project is to identify your project scope ( in the statement of work / scope of work or “SOW” document) and identify what constitutes a minimum viable product (MVP). There is much to explore when it comes to building a roadmap for your new mobile app or custom software platform — from how it will work and the features that you’ll include, to the required integrations, and even whether your development team will need to pioneer new technology for a never-before-seen functionality.

This part of The Foundation Program is critical and goes far beyond simply listing the desired functionalities and features. We’ll identify the different types of users and how they’ll be interacting with the platform. We’ll look at the different problems and challenges with your current systems and identify how this new technology can improve upon or solve those issues. There’s also the issue of what technology you’ll be using in conjunction with your new software platform or mobile app, such as Snowflake cloud data solutions like data warehousing and Sertics data lakes.

Discussing Your Budget — Your budget will have a significant impact on your development project. We’ll walk you through the basics, helping you to create a development plan that aligns with your budget (and any budgetary constraints that may exist). For startups in particular, it’s common to see phased funding, which must be taken into consideration when planning a development project. We’ll lead the way as you consider funding availability and how you can achieve a minimum viable product with the available resources. Our team can help provide insight into what’s possible and realistic, along with brainstorming if the need arises.

7T’s Foundation Program Will Get Your Development Project Off the Ground

Establishing the Timeframe — The timeframe for your project will be affected by a number of different factors, such as the nature of the platform, the complexity and types of features you’ll be including and the availability of funding. Some clients may be well-suited to a single-phase development project spanning a few months, while others may be best-served by a multi-phase project that’s completed over the course of an extended timeframe of a year or longer. The 7T team will offer guidance into what’s possible and what’s realistic for your project.

Complete Your Requirements Document – A requirements document serves as a detailed roadmap for your mobile application or custom software platform and the development process that will be utilized. A mobile app / software requirements document is a critical, detailed document that can take several weeks to compile. We’ll walk you through the process of creating this document and in doing so, we will examine your unique needs and provide feedback on what’s realistic and achievable.

When all is said and done, you’ll walk away with a fully fleshed-out requirements document, which will serve as a complete roadmap for the development project. We strive to guide our program participants so they’re well-informed and in a good position to proceed with their mobile app or software development project, whether they choose to partner with 7T’s development team or opt to take the project elsewhere.

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Is the 7T Foundation Program Right for You? – A Free Consultation

The team at 7T is now offering free two-hour consultation sessions for anyone who feels that their company or organization might benefit from the 7T Foundation Program. Our goal is to give back to startups and established companies that are seeking to pursue new technology, in spite of the challenges of COVID-19 and beyond.

At 7T, we specialize in digital transformation through emerging technologies, as we integrate cutting-edge solutions into virtually every development project. From mobile app development, to custom software projects such as CRM platforms or ERP development, we’re ready to deliver collaborative, multi-phased software development services.

SevenTablets has offices in Dallas, Houston, Chicago, and Austin, but our clientele spans far beyond Texas and the midwest. If you’re ready to harness the power of an innovative mobile app, custom software platform and today’s most innovative technologies, contact 7T. To learn more about our free consulting offering, we invite you to call our Dallas area offices at 214-299-5100.

7T - SevenTablets, Inc.

7T is a Dallas-based digital transformation and technology consulting company, specializing in custom software, mobile app development and cloud services. Their innovative solutions empower high-growth startups to accelerate revenue and equip Fortune 500s with the tools they need to streamline operations and achieve untethered scalability. With a unique Business-First approach, they partner with clients to challenge assumptions and deliver technology solutions with a 5-10x ROI. 7T's highly innovative team has launched over 100 successful projects by becoming ingrained within the client’s operations and company culture.


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