ongoing software and app updates and maintenance post-development support services updates for browsers, iOS and android

Post-Development Support Services - Software and App Updates by 7T Dallas

7T provides ongoing support services for the software, web and mobile apps, machine learning-powered AI platforms and other technology that we develop for clients.

These post-development software and app update services include:

Bug &
Glitch Fixes


iOS & Android

got bugs? why do I need app updates and software maintenance? fixing bugs and glitches after updates to iOS, android, browsers and more

Bugs. Glitches. Crashes. Spontaneous code corruption.

Mobile apps, enterprise software, machine learning-driven AI platforms, web apps and other digital systems exist within a dynamic, constantly-evolving tech sphere and as such, your technology must be updated to keep pace with the ever-changing digital environment.

To compound matters, spontaneous bugs and corruptions can arise at any time, resulting in functionality issues and poor user experience.

Enter: 7T’s post-development support services for the enterprise software, web and mobile apps, AI platforms and other digital solutions that our developers create. You’ll have 24/7 access to an experienced development team that will resolve all bugs and issues, restoring full functionality in a prompt, professional manner.

Routine updates and maintenance can even be performed in conjunction with development services when a client opts to add new features and functionalities to their platform.

Bug Fixes - App and Software Maintenance Services by 7T Dallas

browser compatibility updates, bug fixes and operating system updates for iOS and Android support services: updates, maintenance and bug fixes

the importance of post-development support services what happens if I don't update my platform? updates for browsers, iOS and android

If you fail to perform regular maintenance and updates, glitches and bugs will gradually arise. At first, user experience and functionality may not be noticeably impacted. But over time, those bugs and incompatibilities will get exponentially worse, resulting in very noticeable issues. Tools and integrations will stop working. Crashes will become more commonplace. You may even end up with fatal errors that make the platform completely non-functional.

Machine learning and AI platforms require updates for performance that can actually advance and improve rather dramatically over time.

In the long term, ROI virtually always decreases without these essential support services. But when maintained, ROI can remain stable or even increase as time passes. The latter is especially true for machine learning-powered AI technology!

Bug Fixes - App and Software Maintenance Services by 7T Dallas

the importance of AI and app updates, software maintenance and bug fixes post-dev support services: common questions and concerns

frequently asked questions on our support services: why do you only offer support for tech that 7T has developed?

7T’s post-development support services are only available for technology that our company has developed. The reason? We’re familiar with the mobile apps, web portals, enterprise software platforms, cloud solutions and machine learning-powered AI that our world-class team has created. This positions us to perform updates or identify and correct any bugs, glitches and other issues that arise in an efficient, timely manner.

Modifying unfamiliar code can result in a scenario where you correct one issue, but create an entirely new problem. The process for pinpointing and fixing a bug or performing an update is more time-consuming — and thus, more costly— when you’re working with an unfamiliar code base. For this reason, it’s most cost-efficient and time-efficient to seek assistance from the original developer.

In some cases, it may be best to simply replace highly-buggy and grossly outdated technology. In these instances, 7T is happy to discuss the development of new, innovative — and bug-free! — technology that increases productivity, profitability and brings a healthy ROI for your organization.

Bug Fixes - App and Software Maintenance Services by 7T Dallas

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